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What we’re about

Gamification is much more than Points, Badges & LeaderBoards (PBL)! Explore Gamification with us to uncover the myriad of opportunities that Gamification has to offer in building awesome products.

Participate in our Immersive Workshop Series to explore how you can leverage the power of gamification to notch up engagement & boost other critical metrics that drives the success of your product.

Learn from the Seasoned Gamification Professional Suvrajit Sarkar and team on the strategic and tactical measures you can easily implement or accomodate in your roadmap.

This workshop is a designed for all those involved in the Conceptualisation & Realisation of Products - be it an Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, CPO, Product Manager, Solution Architect, UX Designers.

You won’t be just listening to our talks and watching our slides during the workshop, So be prepared to get your hands dirty and get to implementation right away - On our side, we have your back covered, helping you refine and improvise