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What we’re about

Welcome product enthusiasts!

We're a meet-up group that host bi-monthly live speaking events for those interested in the world of digital products, innovation, design and doing things differently!

Each meet-up features new guests from some of the most influential product companies around the world, providing unique insights, tangible ideas and new techniques to help drive change from the inside out.


Who should join?

We like to think of ourselves as a community which is inclusive and open to all. As mentioned above, if you love anything product related, then you'll enjoy our events!

We try and cover the multi-faceted world of products, and have speakers who cover a wide range of topics, breaking down the barriers for all who attend.


Why join?

We believe designing and building great products should be a fun and collaborative 
process and people should have the knowledge they need to do their best work.

Product Unleashed is on a mission to demystify the world of collaborative product design. Opening your eyes to bold ideas, as well as providing inspiration for new ways of working.

If you join our meet-up, we promise to offer you:

  • Regular events
  • Valuable insights and actionable takeaways from industry leaders
  • Time to socialise and mix with product peers
  • The chance to learn new techniques and share your own point of view
  • The opportunity to build a product toolkit
  • Free food and drink to keep your energy up and your mind focused!

If this sounds interesting to you, please sign up for one of our events and come and say hello 👋🏽


We look forward to meeting you!

John & Dom