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#166 Evolution of the Agency: The value agencies offer modern product companies
Working in product, what do you think of when someone mentions an agency? You might think of Don Draper sitting in his mid-century modern office, sipping whisky, and noodling on the next revolutionary advertising idea. You might think of a team of “creatives” who swoop in, talk about their magical expertise, go away for weeks—working on instinct alone—and return with beautiful (but impractical) solutions. While some of that may be true, some agencies are evolving to better work with both start ups and the world’s biggest companies alike to evaluate how they can best provide value, integrate well with their teams, collaborate at a deep level, and impact their business in a positive way. I’ll share with you what I’ve learned over the last 3 years while leading design teams at Underbelly and how some of these lessons can apply to in-house product teams. About Adam Tolman: Adam Tolman is the Design Director at Underbelly, a full-service digital design studio in downtown Salt Lake City that specializes in product design and development. He is a Utah native; growing up in the outdoors and obsessed with drawing. Adam has researched, built, validated, and shipped products for large tech companies in Silicon Valley such as Facebook and Netflix, as well as for local companies like Experticity,, Lendio, Entrata, and others. Adam lives in Salt Lake City, enjoys craft beer, the Utah Jazz, and spending time with his beloved wife, Sierra, and their joyful son, Oliver. Food and beverage: Lunch will be provided Sponsor: Instructure


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