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We are a community of professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, researchers, writers, creatives who get our own work done based on the Flow-Productivity method. No distractions, an energizing day, while training our minds to enter the magical state of Flow, our optimal state of happiness, creativity and productivity.

We do this in order to create more free time, make deeper progress on what is meaningful to us and make things happen in our lives.

Is this for you? Do you...

• want to make deeper progress on what really matters to you?

• want to improve your effectiveness skills and train your brain for Flow?

• Want a healthier, more energizing way to get things done?

• Do you procrastinate? feel overwhelmed with too much to do? have overdue tasks?

Flow-Productivity is a unique way to get stuff done based on the neuroscience of DEEP-FOCUS & FLOWSTATES that can save hours or even days of work.


140+ Flow-Workdays and a growing community. See the reviews (https://www.meetup.com/productivityday/about/comments/?op=all) here.

“Wow! is what I felt at the end of the day… I have never been so focused and productive.”

“Amazing how this really works! I get far more work done when I am at the Boostcamps than on ordinary workdays. I have been catching up with my once unstoppable to-do list and I find myself being more focused and less likely to put off tasks”

“If you have work to get done, you must absolutely experience this. Especially if you are busy!”

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Purpose, Flow & Productivity Retreat (4 days)

Coconat Workation Retreat

Flow-Working: Do Deep Work and Experience Productive Flow
Flow-Working: Do Deep Work and Experience Productive Flow

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