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What we’re about

Product Managers are the key link between the business/leadership, customer/consumer usability, beautiful/functional design and the technologists/creators/makers that bring the digital software solutions to life.  This mission requires huge responsibility and pressures from various angles to deliver immediate results and continual improvements.  Product Managers own it!  Product Managers don't sleep comfortably unless their entire ecosystem is running like a well-oiled (low-coded) digital automation machine. 

The Charlotte Product Managers & Carolina Product Managers group allows us to foster our product innovation community and learn with one another...and maybe even one-day forge innovative, product-driven companies to create something great together!

We welcome the innovators, the disruptors and the curious...Product Managers, Product Creators, Startup Founders, CTOs, CPOs, Product Delivery and Product-Minded People.  

The Dream & Vision: At least two members meet through this medium to forge ahead together to build something legendary! 

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