What we're about

The intent of this group is to bring together the collective experience, thoughts and ideas of like minded individuals to assist each other to achieving our goals in Property Development.

Having run an identical group in Brisbane since 2012, we have expanded to include Sydney & now Melbourne as the popularity of what we do grows.Check out what to expect at one of our events


We have built quite a reputation in helping to kick start peoples Property Development careers, or lift the trajectory for those already on their way. Having seen a number of our members leave their day jobs to transition to full time Property Development, and a hell of a lot more that are well on their way. Having said that, the group is not just for beginners, we have a number of long time developers in the group at the bigger end of town also with everyone able to gain from the collective experience of the group.

Our meetings typically consist 3 distinct section, an Industry Expert, a Real Deal & finally a Masterminding process.

Our Industry Experts are people that you will need in your property development team, with them giving guidance and advise on the relevant topic of the month. In the past we have had Town Planners, Civil Engineers, Property Lawyers, Accountants, Architects, University Lecturers, Project Managers, Experienced Developers, Property Managers, Financial Planners, Valuers, Brisbane City Council, Surveyors, Commercial Lenders & more. These experts love helping those with a thirst for knowledge and an attitude to succeed and we have been blessed with the quality of these speakers who keep lining up wanting to present at our group.

The Real Deals allow you to learn from projects that others have done within our group. Learn from their experience, success' and mistakes before you do it yourself. You get to see warts and all what went right, what went wrong and the profit that was able to be achieved out to the deal. There is nothing better than seeing the real thing to know that you can do the same for yourself.

We typically finish with a Mastermind process, with each person able to seek assistance from the collective knowledge of the group in how to overcome any current obstacles. Sometimes your problem might be as simple as not knowing where to start, or how to learn the development process, whilst other times it might be as complex as a specific problem that you are having withing your current deal. Either way, the group is here to help, with all of us moving forward as a result.

Welcome aboard, and I hope you enjoy the ride.

Rob Flux

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1st Saturday of each month

Batmans Hill On Collins


After almost 7 years running in both Brisbane & Sydney we have finally expanded to include Melbourne as well. Bringing together the collective knowledge & experience of your local community to assist you in progressing you on your property development journey. We kick off at 1:00 sharp so please arrive at least 15 minutes early for registration. This Month: Main Presentation - This months guest speaker has not yet been announced, but I promise you that it will be a cracker as usual. Real Deal - This months Real Deal has not yet been announced. As with all Real Deals you will learn from the experience of others within the group as they present their own deals, and see what can go right and what can go wrong in your project, what profit they projected and then what profit they actually achieved. Annual Membership: If you love our monthly meetings then why not join our Annual Membership program and not only get a 20% discount on attending each month, but also access a range of other benefits and discounts which are constantly growing. To check out the benefits, or to purchase an Annual Membership, head on over to the Developer Network Shop http://www.developernetwork.com.au/shop Social Drinks afterwards: Don't forget that the meeting is only part of the reason to attend, the after drinks networking every month is a highlight with many a JV partner or deal found over a beverage or two. I look forward to seeing you all there. Rob Flux http://www.developernetwork.com.au

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