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Whether you're a complete newbie or amateur photographer... and no matter what digital camera gear you own, our events are built for exploration & learning - building your confidence and expanding your horizons. Our photography meetups are famous for being relaxed, instructive, insightful, inspiring, supportive and a lot of fun to be a at!

Digital photography is more than just f-stops, shutter speed and gear. You, the photographer, are the key. That's why we create events & workshops to build your confidence and mentor you, encourage you to see & think in new ways, & translate that into great photography - showing you ways to express yourself and boost your awareness, intuition and creativity. When you join our group, you'll start creating the best photographs of your life and discover real transformation in your ability to see.


Introduction – History of Photography Exposure, ISO, Shutterspeed and Aperture

Megapixels” really important?

Getting to know your camera All about lenses and focal lengths

Shooting modes and icons of your camera

Learning to shoot using the manual mode

Developing your “eye” to see better photos

Characteristics of Light

Composition: lines, colors, patterns, textures Rule of thirds, leading lines, framing, foreground/background, etc

How to Click - Portraits, Landscapes, Sports etc

Do’s and Don’ts of taking pictures


Binu V Koshy - Entrepreneur | Film maker | Photographer | Designer

Binu has been working in the media field for more than a decade. His passion for photography was ignited 8 years back when he first got hold of SLR camera, which eventually changed his life. He is a Film School graduate and worked in the film and media industry till he decided to start on his own. He is the founder of 1stKissinc Event Films, Popbrains Creative and Pro Photography Schools etc which are doing extremely well in media market. His unique speciality is the ability to use DSLR cameras for photography and cinematography.

He travels across the Globe, capturing amazing moments of life. He is a pro biker and adventure traveller. Leh, Ladakh was one of his last expeditions. Few of his creative marvels are uploaded on the photos pages.


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