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What we’re about

BEFORE YOU APPLY, please read instructions below (click “read more”). Keep in mind that if you have been playing soccer for a long time and are looking for a typical pick-up game, this group is likely not for you.

We meet in or near Prospect Park, Brooklyn, and have been playing soccer since the summer of 2006, outside and inside, year-round. We host pick up games and leagues that are friendly and fun for players of all skill levels and genders.

Our players are:

- people who are learning how to play soccer, including complete beginners who have never touched a soccer ball in their lives

- people who have played soccer but would like to avoid injury and aggressive players

- people who have not always felt comfortable in the mainstream sports world, including women, non-binary, and trans players

Skilled players of all genders are welcome to play with us if you are looking for a mellow but competitive game and are able to adjust the way you might normally play.

Once you join the group, you will see all of the game dates and locations and can RSVP to them (required). Please read our GUIDELINES FOR PLAY (below) before coming to a game. We take them very seriously, so if they will drive you insane, there are lots of other groups out there for players who want a different kind of game.


FIRST, read about us (below) very carefully to make sure this is the group for you.

THEN, click the "join us" button and fill out all of the profile questions:

  • Use a CLOSE UP, RECOGNIZABLE picture of your face, with NO ONE ELSE in it
  • Introduce yourself for real - don't just say "hi"
  • Use your real first name - no screen/nicknames or initials

Most of our games are open to all genders and skill levels, but a few are limited to sub-groups of players. We have players of all ages, from 18 to over 70.

The pickup games are usually outdoors. There are no set teams, tryouts, or goalies and we rotate positions. There is no need to commit to coming every week, and there are always new people. Pickup games are two hours long and latecomers may not join. We usually play three, 7v7 games on a quarter sized field with two short breaks. We try to do throw-ins and corner kicks, but no off-sides, penalty kicks, etc. We don't really keep score and we will shuffle players around if teams are too uneven skill-wise.

The league games have set teams and goalies and follow more standard soccer rules. They are usually on a weeknight and are outdoors or indoors, depending on the season. Registration is posted about two weeks before each season.

Many of our games include players with with a wide range of skill levels. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Pass often. Way more than you might usually. Do not carry the ball for more than a few steps. Pass to the forwards and let them score. Do not shoot from the midline or behind it.

Avoid physical contact. Stay very spread out on the field. This is an easy, passing game intended to build skill and confidence. If someone has the ball, you can contain them, but give them lots of space. No one should ever end up on the ground. This is a great indicator that the pace of the game is too fast.

Keep the balls low. Keep your feet below waist level. Make only easy, low shots on the goal.

Play your position. If you are playing left or right, do not come into the middle. If you are on defense, stay behind the midline. If you are forward, stay up near the goal rather than coming back to dribble the ball forward. If you are on midfield, stay out of both goal zones entirely - let the offense and defense handle things there.

Play defense but don't stand in the goal. We don't have goalies and use small, pop up goals. We don't use hands, and we try to limit the amount of people in the goal zone to 2 people from each team at any one time.

Let the less skilled players try to hold their own. Don't try to "help" them or play their position. Pass to them even if they miss your passes every time. Give them room when they have the ball. Don't run at them, stick your feet out, or aggressively block them. Let them dribble a bit or try out some moves.

Rotate the positions a few times during the game to give people a chance to try different things. The beginners should not get stuck on defense for the whole game, and if there are advanced players who keep shooting on the goal, they should be moved to defense.

Above all, please slow down and keep your energy mellow and non-agressive, even if you are playing against other, equally skilled players, Some people want to run a lot or can get really intense when they play, but this is really not the game for it. We have small fields and learning players.

Shin guards are highly recommended for all of our games. Even though our games are slower, things happen.

We recommend TURF soccer shoes (not tennis shoes, flat soccer shoes or cleats) for all of our games on the turf. Cleats tear up grass fields and get stuck in turf fields - plus they injure people more easily. Flat shoes slide on both turf and grass when it is wet. If you don't have shin guards or turf shoes, just come anyway. It doesn't matter and you can get that stuff later.

Please do not wear watches, large jewelry, necklaces, or earrings that could catch on anything.

We have vests/pinnies, so there is no need to bring a white and dark shirt to designate teams unless it is specified in the event description.

We have all the gear. Just bring a water bottle. If you have a soccer ball, bring it if you can - we have a pump.

When you arrive, introduce yourself to whoever is hosting and be sure to sign in right away so you don't get counted as a no show (two no-shows and you won't be able to play for the rest of the season.)

For some games, we split up by level, and other games are limited to certain levels.
1 = You have not played much or at all,
2 = You have played before, but are still learning or find it difficult to run for a full game
3 = You have basics totally down, have played regularly for more than three years, and can run fast for a full game,
4 = You have solid skills and have played for more than ten years or played growing up,
5 = You are an advanced player and have played high level games in school or leagues.

See you out there!