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What we’re about

The Psilocybin Assisted Therapy Association (PATA) is a tax-exempt nonprofit with a mission to promote the advancement of psilocybin-assisted therapy (PAT). Our goals are to educate and empower consumers and licensed mental health providers (LMHP) to help consumers heal and address their personal mental health goals.

With the legalization of adult supported use of psilocybin in Oregon and other areas, we want to help LMHPs understand the realities and limitations of these programs to better inform your practice.

We provide education and training resources to to help LMHPs conduct ethical and legal PAT sessions and free resources for consumers on how to safely use PAT to achieve their mental health goals.

We invite LMHPs to join us for educational discussions designed for licensed mental health therapists to learn about our PAT Model and ask questions about how they can be a part of this new mental health movement. Primary outcomes are for LMHPs to learn how they can incorporate PAT into their practice regardless of their location and to learn how PAT can help their clients.

Personal psychedelic experience is not required, needed, or encouraged. Your involvement and questions will help inform our resources and determine what LMHPs need and are concerned about to conduct PAT sessions.

While our focus is on psilocybin, our model and knowledge can be applied to other psychedelics. This group will not discuss how to attain any illegal substances and cannot be used to solicit for any controlled substance.

We hope you'll join us and feel free to reach out to us at with any questions. Thanks!