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PSW Science (http://www.pswscience.org) is a leading science education organization in Washington, DC. Founded in 1871 as the Philosophical Society of Washington®, PSW Science® brings speakers from around the world to present the latest scientific research to the Society’s members and interested members of the public. For almost 150 years, the Society has been a forum for the discussion of the scientific topics of the day, of interest to all educated men and women, and the Society proudly continues that tradition to the present. Membership in the Society is open to anyone interested in science and the purposes of the Society.

PSW Science events – meetings with an invited speaker – generally are held every other Friday from September to May. Meetings are held in the John Wesley Powell Auditorium of the Cosmos Club in Washington, DC. The Society hosts a dinner with the speaker before the meeting to which PSW Science members are invited. The meetings are open to the public, free of charge, and reservations are not required. Dress is casual. Meetings are live-streamed via the PSW Science YouTube channel, and videos of the meetings are posted to the PSW Science website. Following the meeting, attendees enjoy refreshments during the “social hour” and informal discussion with the speaker and other members.

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The Latest on the Great Dinosaur Extinction

The John Wesley Powell Auditorium, adjacent to the Cosmos Club

Join PSW Science® on December 2nd at 8 PM as we welcome Sean Gulick, Research Professor at the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics. Sean will discuss key areas of discovery from 835 meters of core that was recovered from the Chicxulub impact structure through the International Ocean Discovery Program-International scientific Continental Drilling Program Expedition 364. Analyses of the cores, downhole logs, and geophysical site survey data have led to a series of advances in our understanding of impact cratering processes, how the Chicxulub impact affected the Earth’s environment leading to the Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction, and what ecosystems existed within the newly formed crater. For more information on this meeting, please visit: https://pswscience.org/meeting/2468/

The meeting will be held in the John Wesley Powell Auditorium, adjacent to the Cosmos Club. The Powell Auditorium is located at 2170 Florida Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20008. Use of the Cosmos Club is restricted to the Powell Auditorium, the entryway to the auditorium, and the restrooms immediately outside the auditorium. Please note there is no onsite parking available. If you are not able to attend this meeting in person, you can join via live stream: https://youtu.be/nxBmn5s1Klk

PSW Science, founded in 1871, is one of the oldest scientific societies in Washington D.C. Now, over 150 years later, we celebrate the Society's rich history and contributions to scientific discovery and cross-disciplinary collaboration. For information on how to become a member of PSW Science and membership benefits, please visit https://pswscience.org/join/


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Chip Scan: 3D X-Ray Imaging of CMOS Integrated Circuits

The John Wesley Powell Auditorium, adjacent to the Cosmos Club

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