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The Psychedelic Club of Denver is a non profit organization located in Denver. The objective of the Club is to provide education regarding the truth about psychedelics and nonjudgmental support for people to integrate their psychedelic experiences. The Club neither condones nor condemns the use of psychedelics, but intends to raise objective awareness about how psychedelics can be used therapeutically and in fields such as public and mental health, academia, science, spirituality, and harm reduction. Come to a meeting to meet the local psychedelic community!

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Breaking Bark: A brief introduction to DMT and how to extract it

DMT is one of the world's most potent and common psychedelics, naturally produced in plants and animals across the world and believed by many to be present in the human brain. Amber Kirschbaum, board member of the Psychedelic Club of Denver, will take you on a brief journey exploring what DMT is, the DMT experience, and how to extract it from one of the most concentrated sources known: Mimosa Hostilis root bark. Expect a simple, beginner-friendly introduction to home chemistry that anyone can understand.

Note: this presentation is for educational purposes only, and neither the Psychedelic Club of Denver nor Amber Kirschbaum condones any procedures described in this presentation or the use of any controlled substance, including DMT.

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