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What we’re about

Welcome to Psychedelic Integration Circle!

This group is created for individuals to come together and support one another in understanding and sharing psychedelic protocol and experience. We provide information for safe use of plant medicines, preparation for journeys, and integration of psychedelic experiences. We also post related events focused on transformation, including Full Moon Meditation Ceremonies, Shamanic Sweat Lodges, Primal Fire Spiritual Awakening Retreats, Women's Circle and Labyrinth walk, and many others.
The integration meetings are for support and discussion. We do not allow any communication about sources for obtaining illegal substances or participating in events that provide them unless it is for events in cities, states or countries where the plant teachers are legal and/or decriminalized.

Below are links to various sources for your own personal research:
This site offers a plethora of information on all kinds of hallucinogens:
This is an amazing podcast with over 110 episodes on psychedelic plant medicine:
Here are a couple sources for information on psilosyibin
Here are a couple Ted Talks that explain the benefits of mushrooms and other psychedelics.
And here’s a link to an interesting talk on microdosing:
For more information: 805-469-9847

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