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What we’re about

Over a very short period of time, psychedelics have emerged from obscurity to the brightest hope for healing conditions such as depression and PTSD.  We’re experiencing a shift from these medicines being of the most illegal in our society to nearing them being authorized as treatments within our healthcare system.
If you’ve found your way to this group, you are likely on this path of healing already, or something about it has called you to explore it.  Perhaps you’ve come through a dark night of the soul, discovered psychedelics, and are now seeing the world through more heart-centered lenses.  For so many, the profound healing comes through spiritual initiation -- even for those who considered themselves atheists.
But being on the arc of a healing trajectory isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. This community is about sharing perspectives and resources to ease the process... and maybe even expand the possibilities.
These are the kinds of topics we love to discuss:
Can MDMA cure PTSD, or mushrooms cure depression? Not much happens when I meditate, is it really worthwhile? I’ve gotten my hands on a psychedelic... is this the right one for me to start with?
Does microdosing actually work? Are attachments really a bad thing? Do we need to kill off our ego? Are pain and suffering necessary? Are they the same thing? If psychedelics hold such promise, why were they demonized? What the hell is shadow work and when is it needed? Wait, reincarnation, whaaa!?
Whether provoked by a psychedelic journey, deep meditation, channeled reading, regression hypnosis, or dream, your experience is relevant and welcome. We meet “circle” style with a simple format and facilitated conversation. Join us!

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