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Our mission is to create community surrounding psychedelics, mental health, and spiritual growth. We'll be hosting events, community gatherings, and integration circles in Santa Cruz. If you're interested in building relationships with other psychonauts in this psychedelic renaissance, come join us!!! 
Santa Cruz Psychedelic Society does not explicitly advocate for the consumption of psychedelic substances — if you choose to engage in these substances, it is your responsibility to educate yourself on how to use these substances safely, responsibly, and intelligently. We will provide the resources for education and support, but we do not sell psychedelic substances nor do we give your advice on how to access them. We understand that this mental health epidemic has created an incredible urgency for people to find relief from their psychological distress — but for the safety of our members, yourself, and the continuation of this organization, we do not and cannot provide you with psychedelics or the contacts to get them. This is not the setting for you to sell or buy, so do not come if this is your intention. If you post comments looking for a supplier or to sell, your comment will be deleted. If you continue to post these types of comments, you will be banned from this group for the safety and continuation of this organization. 

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Psychedelic Peer Integration Circle

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Psychedelic experiences can be deep, transforming, healing as well as challenging and confusing. Integration is how we make meaning of these experiences and weave them together with our everyday lives.

This group is designed around a Peer Integration model. We will convene in a circle and invite you to share your experience. Sometimes these can be very raw. The group is here to support you and listen from the heart. There are no experts, only fellow peers with whom to speak and be heard. Feedback is available upon request.

Out of respect to the privacy of our members we do not allow late entrees to the call after 6:35pm - The ground-rules are read promptly at 6:35pm. Please arrive to the call a few minutes early, if possible.


Facilitators: Javiera Köstner, Sebastian Beca


  1. Confidentiality
    It's ok to share your personal experience with others but please refrain from sharing any information about other participants. This includes no photos, screen shots, recording, etc.
  2. Active Listening
    We practice holding space and listening from the heart with compassion in a non-judgmental way. Staying present and grounded through your body as you listen. Silence is OK, can be sacred and we invite it.
  3. Speaking from the Heart
    It can be challenging to speak, take your time and come from the heart. The Yoga of the Voice is all about practicing to speak your truth.
  4. Feedback
    Only offer reflections if someone has requested them. Do not give advice or talk-down. It's OK to share your experience as it relates to what was shared but keep it on topic and brief.
  5. Honoring time and avoiding cross talk
    Participants are welcome to share between 5-10min and if the request feedback there will be another 5-10min for this. Facilitators will assist in time keeping.
  6. Staying
    This is a sacred space and your presence is felt. If you join the circle we invite you to stay until the end, or at least not leave when someone is sharing. If you need to excuse yourself early please let the group know.
  7. No buying, selling or recommending medicine, drugs or related services.

About this event's facilitators:
Javiera (@javiera.yoga) is a Ganja Yoga instructor in the process of becoming a Yoga Therapist, she's also a Cannabis Guide and an Integrative Coach. Javi has specialized in Trauma Recovery Yoga and also works with clients in preparation, guidance and integration of psychedelic journeys. In 2019 Javi began leading the San Francisco Ganja Yoga community and since 2020 has been teaching Ganja Yoga Online. In 2022 she will begin offering Ganja Yoga in Santa Cruz. Javi also works as the Training Program coordinator for the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness.

Seba is a hacker gone healer. Originally from Chile, with a background in computer engineering, and after 18 years of coding and consulting, he transitioned to psychotherapy responding to a deeper calling towards nature, healing, reconnection and consciousness. He obtained his psychology degree in Santiago and trained in Gestalt Therapy through Claudio Naranjo’s SAT program. In 2014 he moved to San Francisco and completed a MA in Integral Counseling Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). In 2017 he began studying with Daniel McQueen through the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness where he currently collaborates as a Cannabis Guide and trainer. In 2021 Seba graduated from CIIS’s Certificate in Psychedelic Therapies and Research. He currently works in private practice through Holos Institute specializing in trauma healing and psychedelic integration.

Javi and Seba, both originally from Chile, currently live in the Santa Cruz Mountains. In 2019 they founded Green Magic Yoga, a community dedicated to bringing together Cannabis, Mindfulness and Yoga. In their free time they enjoy taking walks in the forest, biking, yoga, gardening, cooking and hanging out with their 2 cats.

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Psychedelic Peer Integration Circle

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