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What we’re about

Psychic Life is all about being around a group of people who are totally accepting of your spiritual experiences and won't think you're crazy when you talk about them!  We have a varied set of activities, from discussions to energy healing to expanding one’s own energy.  There are offerings available to explore to grow and learn new ways to connect to, heal, and expand yourself, and to help you learn to move through life and the issues it brings in a new way.

The Highly Conscious Coffee Chat offers an open, receptive, and supportive arena for discussion of all topics of interest to you no matter how crazy or far-fetched others may believe them to be, while enjoying your choice of coffee or tea.  It is a fun way to create connections with people of like minds and is a great way to learn.  

Channeled message:  “Meet others who are able to craft a sense of self and being and able to move themselves forward in an interesting and pleasant way.  Allow not only your earthly teachers to participate in your sense of growth and understanding, allow us, The Multitude of The Greater Good to participate in your experience of being.  We can tell you, and you can know, it is right, it is time it is now.  And all is love.”

Meetings are held in Monroe and Newtown, day and night options are often available. I hope to see you there!

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