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What we’re about

Mission Statement for Pugs In the City Meetup Group: We are a pug play time socialization group. This meetup is focused on supporting pugs and pug owners in pug play time! This group is to help develop friendships between pugs and pug owners.

All puglover’s are welcomed to join fun events monthly.

Do you love Pugs?

Pugs love playing with other pugs. Our group is outstanding. We have over 1,113 members with about 80 pug showing up at the meetups. Yes, that's a lot of pugs.Our members are dedicated to the love of their pugs (and other fur friends). We love to socialize - seeing a member get a pug snort by one of the pugs is the funniest scene ever. The pugs love running around, jumping on laps getting petted and kissed.We also have themed events called Pug-O-Ween and Pug-A-Dazzle and play dates each month!

If you need help with rescuing or re-homing a Pug/Pug mix please e-mail Christina at

Hope you join soon we can't wait to meet you and your pugs!

Christina & Jo-Organizers of Pugs In The City-Meet Up Group