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Sunday North Hollywood Coed Volleyball (Early Session)
ONLINE PAYMENT IS DUE 8 PM SATURDAY NIGHT IF YOU ARE ON THE RSVP LIST AT THAT TIME; IF YOU CAN'T PAY BY 8 PM BUT YOU ARE PLAYING YOU NEED TO EMAIL SCOTT (CO-ORGANIZER) BY 8 PM AT [masked]. IF PAYMENT ISN'T MADE OR AN EMAIL RECEIVED BY 8 PM SATURDAY NIGHT, YOU WILL BE REMOVED. IF YOU'RE NEW PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK TO LEARN HOW OUR GROUP WORKS: We have 2 full courts, at a very nice gym. We can play up to 6 on 6 on each court with an extra player rotating in at serve. Please arrive by 6:00 pm to start warming up and we will break into teams by 6:10 pm and play until 8:00 pm. If you have also signed up for tonight's late session you can get a $2 discount (pay a total of $10 instead $12). You will need to pay $6 for the early session and $4 for the late session. There are no set teams; the game organizers will divide players into teams with the goal of having teams of roughly equal ability. The teams will then play and rotate after each game until every team has played each other. After a short break, the teams will be shuffled a bit and continue to play until time is up We're looking for people who like to compete but do not go overboard about it. If you're the type of player who harps on other players inadequacies or has a negative attitude if the game doesn't go your way or you just generally think you're God's gift to Volleyball, you may want to join a league and pass us by. Also, even though kicking is within the rules of volleyball, we've banned it for our games since a few players have been hit very hard in the head from ricochets. We want positive people who enjoy playing with other like-minded individuals. If you haven't had much experienced playing volleyball or you haven't played in a very long time, you are more than welcome to join us. We ask that if your experience is very limited to please let the game organizer know so that we can go over some of the basics. Also, during the course of play, the more experienced players may give you advice (in a positive way) if you are new to the game so, please, don't take any comments made as a negative; we just want everyone to have fun and improve their game. We accept payment online when you RSVP for the game. °VI7A

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East Valley High School

5525 Vineland Avenue · Los Angeles, Ca


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Thanks for stopping by and checking out PUG (Pick Up Games) Sports Zone.

The group has been in existence for about five years and has grown very quickly in that time. While we play various sports, there is one common theme in every game we host; there are no set teams from week to week so a member who you were playing against one week could be your teammate the next.

This helps foster an environment where we welcome anyone 18 or older who wants to play, whether experienced or just starting out, an environment where effort is valued over talent; all that we ask is that you give 100%.

We're looking for people who like to compete but do not go overboard about it. Anyone who harps on other players inadequacies or has a negative attitude if the game doesn't go their way or is just a big jerk should pass us by because we will ask them to leave.

Due to the cost of renting facilities and buying, maintaining equipment and insurance, we do charge for the events we post; $8.00-$9:00 for Indoor and Outdoor Soccer, $5.50-$6.50 for Volleyball and Basketball and $4.00 for Dodgeball.

If you're interested in joining our group, please review our message board which explains exactly how our group works:

The schools we play at do not allow cash to exchange hands at the gyms or fields we rent so we have a online payment policy.

Since people may be a little apprehensive about spending money to play with a group of people they haven’t met yet, a new member’s first game is free (the one exception being Broomball); just contact Organizers Richard or Scott after you've joined the group and let them know which game you wish to try and they will put you on the RSVP list IF the game is not full.

Please be aware that e-mail communication is very important in our group, therefore, if you block e-mail access, you will be removed from the group.

We hope to see you out on the court or pitch with us soon and please don’t be hesitant to contact Richard or Scott with any questions you may have.

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