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What we’re about

What is this Meetup's purpose? 

Purpose of this meet-up is to bring like minded people together who has Interest in India. Lets put each other opinion together and bring change in life of indian people and society.

Who should join?

If you are located mainly in Pune city or In India or you have interest in India and want to contribute in improvement then this is a right place for you.


If Answers for above question is Yes, then probably this section is for you.

If you see Indian economy is growing rapidly but what about Indian people, society and living standards here in India.

There is huge economical difference and Quality of service provided is also not that standards. We do have capability but lacks in technology and innovation.

We have funds but are not properly managed. We have resources but not properly utilized.

So what is your role as a Society Contributor is to contribute, help, share your expertise, bring awareness so together we can bring change in future and our next generation will be happy to be part of India.

This are just primary thoughts and your opinions and inputs are valuable for improvements in India.

Thank you.