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Meetup of PyDelhi User Group

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Akkshay A. and 5 others


There will be a dev sprint going on for work related to PyCon India along with the regular scheduled talks and workshops in a separate room. Those interested in helping out, please join us early. Organizers will be there by 9:00 am.


2 p.m - 3 p.m Getting started with PySpark

PySpark is the Python binding for

Spark (

. It is the same spark which claims to run 100X faster than Hadoop for in-memory computations. I will focus on what Spark is all about and the different ways it can be used with Python - scripts/shell/IPython.

This ( is the completed Python notebook for the talk

This ( is the link to the deck.

speaker links:

shagunsodhani (

3:00 - 4:15 People propose and vote on Workshop/talks on the spot.

- Proposed workshop on Ansible by Anuj Singh

4:15: - 4:35 Selected Workshop/talks

4:35 - 4:40 Break

4:40 - 5:30 Flash Talks

5:30 - 6:00 Hiring/ Product Pitches, Interactive session where any one can ask anything from any one.

6:00pm: .. Dispersal.


For all those who have already volunteered and would like to volunteer to make this local user group bigger and stronger should come up early.


1. This is a bi-weekly meetup that happen every alternate Saturday, so if are not able to make it to this, you can catchup with us next time.

2. This event is completely free, and volunteer driven, please feel free to contribute.

Contact Person: Akkshay Arora: 9013159973
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