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What we’re about

The Indianapolis Python Meetup (“IndyPy”) is a leading national group promoting the Python programming language and connecting the Python community. Organized by Six Feet Up, IndyPy draws Python enthusiasts from the entire Midwest (and beyond via Zoom) for regular events. In 2022, we celebrated 15 years of success with 2,300 members.

We are learners, employers, and enthusiasts of all kinds. All skill levels are welcome: if you are interested in Python, we are interested in you! Our goal is to create an inclusive, respectful environment that invites participation from people of all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, religions, and sexual orientations.

Got something to say at an upcoming IndyPy event? Submit your talk here:

We also feature both single and multi-track options of speakers on a specific subject related to Python. Some of the topics we have covered so far include:
--Machine Learning, AI, Genetic Programming
--Web Framework Shootout
--Automating Processes with Python
--Django for Beginners
--Data Science with Python
--Testing & Debugging
--Python for Beginners

Want to stay connected?

Thank you to our sponsors — Six Feet Up and JetBrains. If you are interested in sponsoring IndyPy, email

Need more information?
Contact Laura Stephens
IndyPy Co-Organizer
Six Feet Up
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