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# Talks - 1) "Houston, we have a snake: Python at Satellogic" (@Satellogic) (English, 30 min) > From automating satellite hardware tests to predicting the ripeness of coffee beans, in Satellogic we use Python for all sorts of things. In this talk we will briefly introduce the company and talk about two specific things: Data Science for Products & Solutions, and satellite fleet management. - 2) "PySpark on Kubernetes -- Avoiding the pain of YARN", by Holden Karau (@holdenkarau) (English, 30 min) > Apache Spark is one of the most popular big data tools, and starting last year has had integrated support for running on Kubernetes. This talk will introduce some of the use cases of Apache Spark quickly (machine learning, ETL, etc.) and then look at the current cluster managers Spark runs on and their limitations. Most of the focus will be around running Python code, and the challenges associated with dependencies along with general challenges like scale-up & down. It’s not all sunshine and roses though, I will talk about some of the limitations of our current approach and the work being done to improve this. - 3) "Codificando átomos con Python", by Johanna Sanchez (@EllaQuimica) (Spanish, 30 min) > Una breve retrospectiva sobre comunidad: Un resumen sobre el recorrido por Latinoamérica con Argentina en Python, compartiendo Python y filosofía de comunidad. > Codificando átomos con Python: Atomistic Simulation Environment - simulación atómica con módulos en Python para la manipulación de átomos, que nos permite analizar simulaciones o realizar visualizaciones, cuya finalidad es crear y analizar estructuras atómicas. # Access Control - The security access control requires an attendee list. Provide your full name in your profile, otherwise you will be REMOVED from the list. - People under 18 years old only allowed accompanied by one parent or legal guardian. - There are limited seats, please BE RESPONSIBLE when signing up. If you can't make it, please free up your seat, so someone else can attend. We keep a blacklist with repeated offenders! # More - We need talk proposals! Send yours: http://pybcn.org/call-for-proposals/ - Wanna publish a job offer? https://pybcn.org/job-offers/ - Follow @PyBCN for pictures, slides, videos and more: https://twitter.com/pybcn

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