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September PyBCN Practice Sessions: Intro to Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Punt Multimèdia La Casa del Mig

• What we will do? Come to start the journey into natural language processing using SpaCy in Python. This workshop will take us into concepts like tokens, text, lemmatization, sentiment analysis ... • What you need to bring? Willing to enjoy and learn, a laptop with Python 3.7 and your preferred virtual environment system installed. • Requirements: * You should know basic Python and basic numpy * You should bring your laptop with Python 3.7. * Your preferred virtual environment system already installed. * spaCy python package installed. * Spanish and English full models installed Follow this instructions if you don't have spaCy already installed: https://spacy.io/usage/ • Venue Punt Multimèdia Espanya Industrial Carrer de Muntadas 5 (Casa del Mig) · Barcelona This session will be in English or Catalan or Spanish, depending on the audience. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Twitter Follow @PyBCN (https://twitter.com/pybcn) for pictures, slides and more. • Call for Proposals We need talk proposals to organize future Meetup events: send your proposal (http://pybcn.org/call-for-proposals/)! • Relevant information PyBCN Practice Sessions are spaces for our community members to learn, have fun, share knowledge, and meet. These sessions are not courses, nor competitions.

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