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Python March Meetup: Cloud Infrastructure & ML Competition tips

Ocado Technology

This month we have two awesome sessions on Cloud Infrastructure as Code & ML competition tips:


  • ➡️ What: Cloud Infrastructure, the Software Way
  • 📢 Who: Joan García (LinkedIn)
  • Duration: ~30 minutes
  • 👅 Language: English
  • 🧐 Abstract: Have you ever managed a cloud infrastructure? If so, managing a bunch of static files representing your infrastructure probably sounds familiar to you. This is not strange, as cloud infrastructure management is a natural evolution of on-premises infrastructure management, where all the resources are traditionally managed with templates. What’s the problem? You might ask yourself. The problems come when you start scaling up your environments, which is a common scenario in the cloud world, as opposed to on-premises. What if we take a look at our software development colleagues? This is precisely where software development shines. There, we have lots of ways to test our code, several mechanisms to avoid duplication and plenty of tools to ensure the quality of our code. Can we leverage these techniques to manage our cloud infrastructure? Thankfully, the cloud providers thought the same and gave us some frameworks that are closer to software development than traditional infrastructure management. In this session, we will leverage CDK, the Cloud Development Kit framework from AWS, to apply all the good practices from Software Development into the world of Cloud Infrastructure Management.


  • ➡️ What: The Archival Datathon: ML competition tips
  • 📢 Who: Alberto Cámara (LinkedIn)
  • Duration: ~30 minutes
  • 👅 Language: English
  • 🧐 Abstract: How can we approach a Machine Learning competition with agility? What similarities & differences are there with respect to doing Machine Learning in production? By looking at the real experience of participating in a Kaggle competition, we will discuss how to structure work, and what techniques and tools are at the hand of a practicing Data Scientist to ensure making the most out of their time.


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  • This is a reduced capacity event. Only register if you plan on attending, and if something comes up please free your spot so somebody else can pick it up!

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