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A monthly meetup of Python developers from Zagreb and region.

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Python Meetup / 13.06.


New month is a new opportunity for a Python Meetup, so join us and your fellow Python lovers on Tuesday, June 13th at 18:00, in MaMa, Preradovićeva 18.

Speaker: Vjeran Grozdanic

Title: Using Python to attack recommender systems

During this talk, we will discuss the underlying principles of recommender systems and the role they play in influencing our choices. We will examine different attack vectors that can be employed to compromise these systems, and introduce bias into them. Through practical demonstrations, we will showcase how Python, with its rich ecosystem of libraries and tools, can be used to launch some of these attacks effectively.

Please note that the intention of this meetup is purely educational, aiming to enhance our understanding of recommender system security. We strongly discourage any malicious activities and emphasize the importance of ethical considerations in the field.

Language: Croatian (English, if needed)

Drinks after the event at Kolding 🍻🍷🥤

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Python Meetup / 09.05.