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What we’re about

qDAO - Web3 Quantum Community -

Opportunity for Quantum Researchers, Entrepreneurs, and Enthusiasts to fractionally own the Community and grow personally

What's in it for you?

  1. Learn --- With an Open Skill System you get to decide your path to reach the next skill level. qDAO will offer structured and Unstructured Learning Paths.
  2. Earn --- With a verified and validated Skill Identity you can expect paid Projects and Full-time jobs from qDAO
  3. Own --- Unlike any other community you get to fractionally own the community in proportion to the effort you've put in to add to the overall value of the community!

Why the name, qDAO? q = Quantum. Obvious. DAO : Decentralized Autonomous Organisation.[To be precise, Progressively decentralized over time.]

Community Focus Areas:
With so much happening around Quantum, what do we focus on?

  1. Quantum Machine Learning (QML)
  2. Quantum Cryptography
  3. Quantum Simulations Join the community:

Join the community: