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What we’re about

We invite you to drink from the Source and have more life! We invite you to participate in the healing of ourselves & Mother Earth. Through the use of Om, toning, inspirational poetry, song, dance, drumming, prayer & meditation, we encourage the cultivation of Qi. Our intention is to awaken and inspire the soul & body to open to spirit, and to receive the inflowing of Qi. A lighthearted experience that incorporates music, contemplation, meditation, movement and sharing in multicultural & multidimensional prayer. Qi and Love is never separate, it is available to everyone healing, giving life, freedom, love and happiness. Our goal is to awaken the soul and body to the inflowing of qi and love We will be guiding you to higher states of consciousness through meditation, poetry, flowing movements, song, drumming and dance. Through the gentle movements of Sheng Zhen Qigong we will open our hearts and our souls to the inflowing Qi. Healing Drumming - gentle relaxed, steady beats, sending love to heal the earth & each other with each beat of the drum. This is the heartbeat. Let your hand receive it back and receive - give and take. Life, vibrating with the Universe. Awakening the Soul - Sheng Zhen Qigong of Universal Love - beautiful seated and standing movements that open the heart, allow the qi to flow freely, unraveling the knots of the heart. These forms are beautiful, flowing and sweet, with contemplations. Songs & Dances of Universal Love & Peace - sacred songs and chants speaking of love, harmony, and peace. Dancing these unite us in a universal harmony. Healing Circle - with music we call on assistance from Great Spirit, all the Angels & Healers of the Universe and ourselves, all beings, and the earth and heavens. Give it to all.