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What we’re about

Quantified Self - Boston (@QSboston) is a regular show and tell for people who are tracking data about their body and conducting their own personal investigations and research into their bodies, minds, and selves. Anything is game -- from personal genetics to ways to digitize and track information, from how to self-diagnose to how to self-experiment with data and statistics.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

* Self Experimentation

* Personal genetics and genome sequencing

* Generating, capturing, and working with biometric

* Lifelogging, lifecaching, lifestreaming

* Chemical Body Load Counts

* Self Experimentation

* Risks/Legal Rights/Duties

* Behavior monitoring, tracking, and modification (including studying habit forming and breaking)

* Location tracking

* Non-invasive Probes

* Digitizing Body Info

* Sharing Health Records

* Psychological Self-Assessments

* Medical self-diagnostics and keeping track of one's own medical data

The Quantified Self blog: