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Quantum.Amsterdam hosts frequent public events around Quantum Computing, Quantum Internet and Quantum Sensors. During our meetups, we interview pioneers from the field of Quantum Technology, and allow the audience to ask questions and interact. The sessions are aimed at a broad audience: most require no deep prior knowledge of Quantum!

Talks are FREE and in ENGLISH unless otherwise indicated.

For more information, visit the website: https://quantum.amsterdam ;

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The Next Q: Meet the Quantum Startups shaping the future

Startup Village

Join us on 14 June as we put some of the leading quantum startups on the spotlight!


The Next Q is proudly part of the whole week program that Quantum Delta organizes for international talent to gather together in the Netherlands: Quantum Meets '23

The Next Q is a side event of The Next Web

Quantum technology may sound daunting to some… yet the first startups are already working on a next revolution: faster computers, a more secure internet, and ultra-precise sensors.

The Next Q is our intimate event where quantum enthusiast come together. We invite some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs to tell their story: What groundbreaking technology are they working on? How does their business fare in our quantum ecosystem? And what is their vision on our future? No prior knowledge of quantum required.

During the break, you will have an exclusive opportunity to visit the Quantum.Amsterdam Experience Room, an immersive tour that introduces you the concepts of qubits, quantum computers and superposition.

All the up-to-date information: Quantum.Amsterdam/TheNextQ/

There's a limited number of seats. Sign up here!

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Big meetup: How will Quantum impact Business and Society?

Science Park 608

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