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What we’re about

Members of this meetup group are --exclusively-- administrators of QUANTUM COMPUTING meetups around the world.

The purpose of this assembly of meetup organizers is to serve as a central point for sharing ideas and resources across the global QUANTUM COMPUTING community.  For example, during the forced online paradigm, we can share online events across meetup groups.  Also--for example-- when we return to live meetup events, we can approach potential meeting-sponsors as a united group with far greater numbers to obtain funding for our respective meetups -- think funding for pizza and soda, etc.  These are just two examples of what we each might gain for our respective meetups by working together. 

More ideas to come. 

I envision our group meeting periodically to discuss ideas, share problems and ideas, and coordinate our activities in a productive -- but still independent manner.


Feel free to reach out to me directly at   I would enjoy setting up a time for us to talk directly with you.  Moreover, I welcome connecting with you more directly via Linked-In:

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