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What we’re about

We are a group of friendly, inclusive queer people in Munich. We value our diversity, and welcome queer members of all backgrounds, gender identities, sexual orientations.

We organize activities and events for queer people to easily meet and socialize. Our regular and diverse meetups range from karaoke, dinners, city walks, to hiking.

Come join us!

To get an idea of our events, feel free to visit our website, no registration required ;)

Do you have an idea for an event and would like us to organize it? Do you regularly attend our events and would like to become an organizer yourself?

Contact us at


1. Why do I have to answer all these questions before I join?
To weed out spam profiles.

2. I would like to join one of your meetups, but I am quite shy…
We understand. Just message one of the organizers. We can arrange to meet you at the nearest U-Bahn station before the meetup/add you to the Whatsapp group once you RSVP to an event, so it’s a bit less awkward. We are a friendly bunch, you will feel right at home.

4. What is the age range of people who attend these events?
I am bad at guessing ages, but we have had people in their early 20s to those in their 70s attend our meetups.

5. Do we have to pay to attend the meetups?
No. There is no membership fee. You of course have to pay for your own food/drink/movie tickets, etc.

6. What language do you speak at the meetup?
Usually English, but there are plenty of people who speak fluent German.

7. Are you all publicly queer?
No. Each member is at a different stage of their coming out. Some of us are completely open, some prefer to choose with whom to be open, some are still in the closet. We are well aware of the very special trust that each member puts in all the rest of the group by allowing us to know they are queer, and treat this information always with the highest confidentiality. 

8. Is this group for Straight people as well?
This is a group for Queer people to meet freely without being made to feel uncomfortable. If you identify as a straight ally but not queer, please send us a brief message letting us know why you would like to join.