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Hello other queer (a.k.a. LGBTQIA+) folks of the Asheville area! There are already Meetups for some people within LGBTQIA+ (e.g. groups for gay men, lesbian women etc.), which is great, but wouldn’t it be even MORE fun if we ALL got together for queer fun and frolics?! That’s what I’m proposing for this group: community building fun and bonding for any/everyone who identifies as queer (or as any other part of the rainbow spectrum)!
Don't see events for things you like to do? No worries! That’s why I make everyone who joins an Event Organizer: so you can host events for stuff that you like to do and meet other cool queer folks who like to do the same!
Some Ground Rules:
1. Please be kind. This group is meant to bring people together, not polarize/exclude others. So please, no political debates/events, no insults, no ranting at one another, you get the gist. Also, please just don’t be sexual, violent or creepy: let’s help everyone to feel safe and welcome here!
2. Please KEEP YOUR RSVPs UPDATED! It sucks to plan a party for 20 and only 2 arrive.
3. Standard COVID rules apply: Don't come to Meetups if you're sick (and Update your RSVP!), please wear masks in venues that request them, and if possible please try to host outdoor events or events where spacing out is possible. I'll be keeping the group sizes smaller to try to limit risks of anyone getting/transmitting COVID-19, and I request that any events you host be 15 people or less, for now.
4. Your profile picture MUST show your face! This is to weed out bots and to help people find each other at events. If you are unable to have a profile pic showing your face, please contact me about joining the group.

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