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What we’re about

This is a group for people interested in contributing to the code and documentation that gets distributed as base R.

We hold online and in-person events, such as

  • Contributor Office Hours: monthly drop-in online sessions to help people get started with contributing to R. Discuss work in progress or work together on open bugs/missing translations.
  • Collaboration Campfires: online sessions for newcomers to learn more about contributing to R and to work collaboratively on activities to build knowledge and skills in this area.
  • Bug BBQ: a global, online event over 24 hours for both new and experienced contributors to address open bugs on R’s bug tracker.
  • One-off events such as sprints and translation hackathons.

These events are organized by the R Contribution Working Group, see our webpage for more resources plus links to our social media accounts and Slack group:

This Meetup account is supported by the R Consortium, as such our meetups adhere to the [Linux Foundation code of conduct]( unless an alternative code of conduct is specified on the event pages.

(Why Reykjavík? This is so meeting times default to UTC all year round! Meetup will show the event in your local time in the banner at the bottom of the page with the red "Attend" button)

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