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Hi Radiant Sisters,

We know how much you had been through last year. We know how hard it is for you to spend a lot of the time on your own. We understand how you could be lack friends in life after 50. Perhaps, this group is for you if you want to connect with like-minded girlfriends after 50.

Our group has been up running for more than two years now. Our purpose is to help you get out of the house to meet new friends. Mainly we arrange coffee meetups in Melbourne city and some of the suburbs.

What we focus on is to help women over 50 connect. When you are new or a bit introverted, our friendly organisers will help you break the ice.

In the last two years, many members have told us how just coming out to have coffee regularly with the group have changed their lives. They have things to look forward to all the time now.

As women, we love to chat. We are compassionate and like to help. Some times, a girlfriend can be your consoler or psychologist, free of charge, ha... You only need a listener, after all.

There are a couple of things we would like you to know when you join the group:

*We like to keep this group in a casual and friendly environment. We don't allow anyone to promote their products.

*There is a small yearly membership fee involved. It is about $2 a month. Or a $2 gold coin donation from you would be appreciated for each Meetup you are attending. We thank you for your support.

*If you are a learner, we have a sister group-Radiant Women Over 50 Coffee, Mindset & Wellbeing. We meet on Zoom every week. We have the best speakers each week to teach mindset, health and nutrition, style and makeup, energy healing and Feng Shu etc. Here is the link: https://www.meetup.com/Radiant-Women-Over-50-Coffee-Mindset-Creativities/

*We are also on Facebook. Please join us. It might give you some inspiration when the days you can't get out of the house. Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2236017296433242

Hope to see you soon for coffee.



Upcoming events (4+)

Bike Ride

Willsmere Park

This ride follows the Main Yarra trail. Specific kick off point is the Bike repair station (on the trail itself at end of the street). The trail one way, goes to the city, the other way to Eltham. We will ride in the Eltham direction.

Takeaway Coffee/Walk & Chat along Beaumaris Beach 3193

Ricketts Point Teahouse

Hi Radiant ladies,

Do you like water and walking along the beach?

We will meet you at the front of Teahouse Beaumaris. You can grab a takeaway coffee. Let’s walk…

See you at 9:30AM. It’s ok if you like to bring your fur babies.

Lyn 👙⛱🐾

Seeing Gunnel @ Herring Island Summer Arts Festival 2022

Herring Island Environmental Arts Festival

Have you been to Herring Island, South Yarra? Do you know that Herring Island Summer Art Festival 2022 is on?!

Gunnel Watkins is a sculpture artist, also one of our members. On the day, she will be on her duty there. If you are going to the Festival, Gunnel will be very happy to guide you touring around Herring Island.

Here is Gunnel’s invitation link and also a picture of her sculpture at the exhibition:


Cheers Lyn 🌷

Saturday Morning Walk @ Ruffey Lake Park Templestowe 3106

Location visible to members

Hi ladies,

See you on Saturday. Let’s go walking!

New members are welcome.

Lyn 🌻🌷

Past events (363)

Monday Afternoon Coffee @ Beasley’s Teahouse Warrandyte 3113

Beasley's Nursery and Teahouse Carpark

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