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We are a meetup devoted to the study of radical political theory and cultural criticism - socialism(s), world systems, critical theory/media analysis, prefigurative politics, utopian projects, liberation theology, critical pedagogy, or dot-communism - whatever people want to discuss. We meet regularly, alternating between socializing and study.

Ideally, we'd like to balance theory and praxis, exploring concepts and how to use them in daily life. Examining how media manufactures its audience, or how capital penetrates and shapes different areas of life helps to make sense of society's turbulent patterns of growth and decay. Developing this awareness is more important than asking people to sign petitions or protest - its goal is to clarify what is mystified in the daily news, giving people tools to analyze their own lives.

EVERYONE is invited, even those skeptical of radical politics. We only ask that you accept the proposition that the world can be made better through intentional human action, and make a good faith effort at grasping an understanding of radical theory, while respecting others making the same study.

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