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Psychology and Behavioural Modelling; Self Activation and Flow by Leon Paterson
Come along for a bite of food, a chance to socialise and get involved in a discussion on psychology and behaviour modelling… Title of talk: Self activation and flow – stage 1 in setting purposeful life direction Flow Bullet points of what you would like to talk about: In the first of a series of 4 events we will explore the first stage in self activation and setting purposeful life direction. You will begin to develop skills in becoming more sensitive to your sense of things going ok/not ok (self supervising). You will learn how to better manage your activated flow through life. And how to best respond to upset by taking the time to pay careful attention to your feelings. What you will learn – Understanding how flow and self managing work Becoming more sensitive and noticing feelings Becoming better at managing your feelings Feelings as an alarm – the usefulness of uncomfortable feelings Managing the discomfort – responding appropriately Things going ok/not ok – how we supervise and track ourselves through life Feelings about feelings – introduction into second level emotional responses A few paragraphs on your subject: Any good athlete will tell you in order to create the flow of peak performance all their attention is focused on the track, field, opponent etc. They are not thinking or reflecting on their performance, they are activated in the moment. Similarly when we’re doing everyday activities, we’re so well practiced our behaviour becomes unconscious and can feel automatic. The effortless flow means we don’t need to give it much conscious attention. But if that flow is disrupted in business, in relationships, in our career. Often our initial response is to rush in to change things. Or jump to conclusions about what to do or how to respond. Without taking the time to fully check what the uncomfortable feelings are about. Feelings of discomfort don’t happen by accident and are part of a system that allows us to actively manage our behaviour. They let us know that something isn’t working but they don’t tell us what it is, or how to change it. But if we have the sensitivity to notice and attend to these feelings they become a tool for self improvement. If you have an important business meeting the next day but haven’t done any preparation for that meeting. The feelings of discomfort alert you to do something about it. They work as an incredible activation tool that directs your attention, allowing you to dynamically move through life purposely and safely. A few paragraphs about you: Leon is a specialist in applying behavioural modelling to personal and professional skill development and learning. He helps people reach their peak performance and achieve extraordinary, measurable results. He is currently lead personal consultant and systemic psychotherapist at Changease. An organisation that has already helped hundreds of people go beyond their expectations and transform their lives. Having spent many years of his adult life battling leukaemia. He is also committed to helping people overcome their problems and difficulties through applying state of the art behavioural science. Coming from deep empathy and compassion. He helps people quickly identify the psychological resources (unique to their situation) needed to create lasting change. From overcoming difficult emotions and past traumas, to excelling in performance to get outstanding results. Leon helps you achieve the most effective and consistent results through targeting specific changes in your thinking, behaviour and interactions. For more information visit: As per usual, there will be some food provided. You are invited to bring an item of food to put on the table to share and take it away at the end so nothing goes to waste.

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