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What we’re about

Raleigh Dragon Boat Club was first formed in 2011 and received its 501(c)3 non-profit status in 2017. The club cultivates an arena for dragon boat paddling in the Triangle. A dragon boat is a human-powered watercraft that typically boasts a crew of 20 paddlers, one drummer and a steersperson. Our “Intro Practice” paddling sessions on Saturdays provide an opportunity for the public to come learn what dragon boating is and how to paddle. The home of our dragon boat is Lake Wheeler Park, where we hold practice and provide free coaching and all of the equipment needed. Being entirely volunteer-driven, we are a non-profit organization fueled by our passion for paddling. Every September, we are the premier club for the Greater Triangle Dragon Boat Festival taking place in Cary, NC. We have teams for everyone.

Membership in our competitive team, Raleigh Relentless, continues to be open to any level of experience and fitness.  Weekly, we focus on improving our individual techniques and fitness to keep in sync as a team.

Raleigh Dragon Boat Club is proud to host Chemo-Kaze team. Born in 2018 from one local breast cancer survivor’s dream, we set out to create a team of paddlers committed to inner and outer strength, while spreading joy and having fun. The Kazes continue to welcome THRIVERS of any cancers, organ transplants or other illnesses, along with the family and friends that support them.

Together, Relentless and Chemo-Kazes travel to a handful of races in the southeast as competitive teams, creating unforgettable memories along the way. Through fortitude and fellowship, all our paddlers grow stronger together.

We offer 3 free-practices before we ask you permanently join the club.
If you'd like to permanently join our club, please go to our website and pay the membership fee on the website.
• Please call the park office if you are lost: 919-662-5704.