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Free-Style Japanese 日本語じゆうじざい
NEW LOCATION !!! Caribou Coffee on Duraleigh, just by Olde Raleigh Shopping Center. This Japanese language & culture meetup started in August 2017 for anybody who's interested in the subject. Learners are encouraged to BRING their OWN MATERIAL to work on each session. Envisioned is a Terakoya- style, where a few natives would answer each of your question. Any fun idea for the class is welcome! You need to bring with you : notebook & pen an idea & material to work on ☆ Useful Websites: WaniKani -- Kanji & vocabulary (Thanks for the info Steve) ImiWa? -- This application is a multilingual Japanese dictionary for iPhone and iPod touch devices. It offers dictionary/kanji and example sentences full offline use. (Thanks for the recommendation Carlos) ☆ Recommended Textbook: Japanese for Busy People (I heard this is downloadable & free) あたらしいミートアップをはじめます! 寺子屋(てらこや)スタイルをそうていしています。 それぞれが学びたいそざいをもちよって、ネイティブがしつもんにこたえるかたちを、まずはじっけんしたいとおもいます。 自由自在(じゆうじざい)に、できるだけひとりひとりのニーズにこたえられるようにしていきたいです。 まずはためしてみて、「こうしたらもっとたのしい」などのアイディアがでてきたらいいのではと、おもいます。 よろしくおねがいしま~す☆ Contact :[masked]-ろくろくはちいち

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Meet and mingle with local Japanese language and culture lovers! Come to a Japanese Language Meetup to meet others with similar interests, hear stories about travel in Japan, maybe learn some Japanese, or just hang out! chikaku ni sundeiru nihon no kata mo zehi irasshattekudasai! (sorry, Japanese font does not show properly)

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