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What we’re about

The Raleigh Trail Runners run and socialize throughout the Triangle area with a focus on greater Raleigh/Cary and frequent visits to greater Durham. If you need a friendly supportive running group, look no further!
We have the following regularly scheduled runs, but always check the calendar and RSVP before coming since plans may change and we often schedule unique events like camping and running trips to the mountains.

  • Sunday - Sundays tend to focus on smooth bridle trails at William B. Umstead State Park (Cary side). The starting location is Old Reedy Creek off of Weston Parkway. We meet at the picnic shelter at the Black Creek Greenway parking lot trailhead. It's out and back (or some choose to do a loop) and you can run as short or long as you like.  We usually meet at Starbucks after the run for some post-run socializing.
    Tuesday and Thursday - Early morning runs at Umstead. 3-10 miles in length. Check the calendar for time and location.
    Tuesday evening - Umstead entrance at intersection of Trenton & Reedy Creek Rd.
    Thursday - The Thursday evening run is usually in the Cary/Umstead area and can be bridle trail, single track (when it's lighter out longer) or on the greenways.  Check the calendar, since the time and location vary.
    Saturday - Single track trail runs at Umstead Harrison parking lot for 3 to 20 miles. Often have a 2nd event that morning at locations all over greater Triangle.

While it often turns out that most members will have someone running at their pace, that may not always happen depending on your pace, the distance you are going and who else shows up.  So be prepared that you may do some or all of your run alone depending on the situation.  Walkers or runners going at a slower pace are certainly welcome, but most of the group is running between a 7 and 13 minute mile, with between 8 and 11 minutes being the most common, so you may not have company on the run.  Since most of our runs are generally an out & back or have very few turns, we'll make sure you don't get lost and can meet up with everyone at the end.
Please be aware that all runs are at your own risk.  You will be asked to agree to a waiver when you join.  Also any guests you bring with you who don't officially join RTR are your responsibility, not RTRs.  RTR organizers are there to welcome members and help everyone get to know each other.  They are organizers because they are willing to volunteer and because they love running.  They are not specifically trained or responsible for attendees at runs or events.  It is not their job to keep you safe from the trail, other runners, bikers, cars, animals, or yourself.  Again, all runners run at their own risk and are responsible for themselves!
RTR is free and we assume your primary reason for joining us is to meet other runners and help you stay motivated with your running routine.  For that reason and others (like safety) we require a picture where we can see your face (sorry, not your sneakers of a picture of your dog...yes, we've seen everything). There are no solicitations for commercial products and/or services from members or organizers. The site fees are paid upfront by us and many gracious members have helped offset costs by donating to RTR.  Your donations are completely optional, and help to cover our costs and allow us to host more events.  Thank you all for your support and generous donations that cover our site hosting fees.
One last thing...and this is not an exaggeration...right about 80% of new members never attend a single event before they're removed during one of our frequent member purges. We do not seek to be a group of 5,000 members who never attend events. We're simply trying to provide a friendly social community of running enthusiasts, particularly for running on dirt. To be part of our community, you need to give our events a few tries. Don't expect to attend one event and immediately come away with a new running buddy. Depending on the turnout and the pace of runners, you may not have running company at every event. After many of our events we go to an eatery to socialize, so stick around for that if you can. If you don't attend an event in 2 years, you will be at risk of being removed during one of our member purges.   So don't be one of those 80% and come out to run with us.  With all the great people and events going on, how can you not want to come out? :)
See you on the trail!
The RTR Leadership Team