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What we’re about

hmm Just to introduce - We have formed this group called Ramtaa Jogi with a motive to make some movies- in the process first we are bringing together artist actor..actress..writer n all other crew people of movie making, also the people who are not with film industry background but would like to be part of such activity of movie making - for fun, enjoyment, learning, networking but with commitment and excitement to take active part. 

as a beginner, we have done shoot for one short movie recently, and other are in pipe line and just fyi we have team members who are from film industry with experience ranging from 0 to 20 years and passionate to find something new always. 

As a bigger vision we plan to shoot 3-4 short movies in a month and with ample stock of movies, albums or any thing creating something exciting without any boundaries of types...we would be doing shooting as a team and uploading to the youtube, which might take care of small expenses of group. Till the time we do not find any revenue source for the group, we would be sustaining on self expenses, no expenses are paid for work, conveyance, travel, food etc. we will be working on beg..borrow..self pocket... if you have any further question, please msg or whts app on my no. Thanx.

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