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****Yes, This group has won a Meetup Best Groups award, though I have no idea where to find a link to that!****

Philly Random Happenings is for anyone who likes fun and RANDOM activity. Games, Comedy, Parties, Networking, Music, Art and everything else! Singles, couples, and anything in-between! Indoor stuff, outdoor stuff, relaxed and casual, large events and small. Intense intellectual exercises and crazy wild ones, it's all good (and Random!)

New to Philadelphia? or a long-time resident? It's all good!
I strive to include creative activities that are much more stimulating than drinking contests or happy hours, in safe, friendly environments. Most are all-ages friendly! (a few are not)

PRH specialises in events that are bit out-of-the-ordinary!

I like to call it 'the thinking person's Meetup group'

Games? Live shows? Art? Music? Education and Inspiration?

You name it, and stick it in the Philly Randomizer...let's see who comes out!

Meet some new people, or reconnect with old ones. Tell us your likes and dislikes!

Past gatherings have included improv comedy shows, meditation events, game nights, concerts, dining, community events......

PRH is for exciting events in any Philadelphia neighborhood, from South Philly to West, Northeast to Port Richmond, Penn's Landing to University City! From time to time, we may explore the 'burbs (but we really are Philly-centric)

We will try to mix it up as far as bike-friendly, commuter-friendly and car-friendly destinations. Expect a few events every week!

Run by game designer, manga artist and event producer Alex Strang. I cannot make it out to every event, but I at least try to share as many cool things as I find!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/AlexanderLeslieStrang

IG: cybergeckogames

Email: teambuildingphilly@gmail.com

That's it! Please join and get involved!

Upcoming events (2)

Virtual OPEN STUDIO/art sale at JWS

Online event

August 15th is National Relaxation Day So to honor this major holiday, I am having a sale to make room for more art in my Studio-gallery. I will also discuss and present to you a wide variety of artwork, from my more abstract/surreal tp some still life and newer realist work. This sale will feature reduced prices on some of my work (including several larger pieces) and will be on Instagram Live. In order to purchase art during the event simply take a screen capture of the artwork (each work will also have a number and price next to it on the wall) and message me on Instagram, or else through Facebook messenger/through my website at anytime during or after the event. I will also be donating 20% of the proceeds from this sale to BLACK LIVES MATTER special music video by MUSIC IS THE DEVIL

PIRATES! Treasure Hunt! (downtown Philly)


NOTE FROM ALEX: Normally, I try to list events that are free or very affordable, but this seems like a good cause and what the heck...Pirates are involved. ****************************** Pirates have invaded Philadelphia! Cap'n Graybeard needs your help to find his missing treasure map. Beware, mateys, using our proprietary smartphone app you'll encounter VIRTUAL Pirates, Scurvy Dogs and need to collect the Pieces of Eight to ultimately find the location of his treasure? RSVP HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/569144647111806 The first city-wide treasure hunt in Downtown Philadelphia allows for safe distancing for teams of up to 6. Prizes will be awarded for best costumes, team name and highest point totals. One ticket ($50 + $2.75 handling) is good for your team of up to 6 people! Tickets are on sale NOW! This event benefits the Philabundance COVID-19 Information: This event includes the following precautions to help keep you safe: You Choose the Time You Start - begin your adventure anytime between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm You Choose Your Own Route - do tasks in any order to avoid areas that may be congested All Outdoor Challenge Locations - tasks are located in areas large enough to spread out Face Coverings - we encourage the use of face coverings, or masks while in public

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ONLINE: Erotic Literary Salon w/ Jeremy Edwards

Online event

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