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****Yes, This group has won a Meetup Best Groups award, though I have no idea where to find a link to that!****

Philly Random Happenings is for anyone who likes fun and RANDOM activity. Games, Comedy, Parties, Networking, Music, Art and everything else! Singles, couples, and anything in-between! Indoor stuff, outdoor stuff, relaxed and casual, large events and small. Intense intellectual exercises and crazy wild ones, it's all good (and Random!)

New to Philadelphia? or a long-time resident? It's all good!
I strive to include creative activities that are much more stimulating than drinking contests or happy hours, in safe, friendly environments. Most are all-ages friendly! (a few are not)

PRH specialises in events that are bit out-of-the-ordinary!

I like to call it 'the thinking person's Meetup group'

Games? Live shows? Art? Music? Education and Inspiration?

You name it, and stick it in the Philly Randomizer...let's see who comes out!

Meet some new people, or reconnect with old ones. Tell us your likes and dislikes!

Past gatherings have included improv comedy shows, meditation events, game nights, concerts, dining, community events......

PRH is for exciting events in any Philadelphia neighborhood, from South Philly to West, Northeast to Port Richmond, Penn's Landing to University City! From time to time, we may explore the 'burbs (but we really are Philly-centric)

We will try to mix it up as far as bike-friendly, commuter-friendly and car-friendly destinations. Expect a few events every week!

Run by game designer, manga artist and event producer Alex Strang. I cannot make it out to every event, but I at least try to share as many cool things as I find!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/AlexanderLeslieStrang

IG: cybergeckogames

Email: teambuildingphilly@gmail.com

That's it! Please join and get involved!

Upcoming events (3)

Sci-Fi Obscura Video Club: The Orion Loop

Higher Grounds

This month our science fiction gets Soviet!
aka Petlya Oriona
As always, please watch the movie before the event so you can talk about it!
The film is easy to find...(try YouTube, for example)
(this upload has subtitles)

We're based in the Philadelphia area and function exactly like a book club, but only for Sci-Fi Movies and TV series!
Each month we meet and discuss a specific movie or TV show!
Discussions are partially led, but also very freeform!
Our emphasis is on not-too-mainstream science fiction films. In other words, no big Hollywood blockbusters that EVERYONE has seen.
Older films, foreign films, films that may be off the beaten path.

Higher Grounds has great food and beverages!!! The best coffee! Arrive early and partake!
Easy and free parking on Sundays

Philadelphia Psychotronic Film Society (Spring Garden area)

Note from Admin:
This seemed interesting and random enough to share! (I'm not the host nor I have ever been, but I know they have this event on a regular basis!)
Come check out Philadelphia's longest-running cult film club! The Philadelphia Psychotronic Film Society, founded in 2016, meets at PhilaMOCA on the first and third Monday of every month to watch unannounced films that are selected by members. From classic no-budget horror to modern Christian monstrosities, member selections are always diverse and usually entertaining!
This meeting will be programmed by Aaron Tabak.

Admission is $5 for non-members, free for members.
Doors 7:00, Movie 7:30
If you would like to become a member, you must attend three screenings and can then sign up for a $50 annual fee. Membership includes a membership pin, membership card, free admission to all screenings, and the opportunity to program a future film.

The Philadelphia Psychotronic Film Society is officially sanctioned by Brian Thomas, Propaganda Minister of the Sinister for Chicago's Psychotronic Film Society.

FB link:

WARNING: The content of what we've come to know as psychotronic films runs the gamut from talking dogs to violent assaults. There will always be a warning of some sort on all PPFS event pages. Sometimes the programmer will choose to be revealing and detailed about the content of their selection in advance, sometimes it will be a simple warning regarding the possibility of extreme content. In the latter case, it is wisest for those who will possibly be offended by extreme subject matter to err on the side of caution.

Origami Day! Learn Origami and Play Origami Games!

Higher Grounds

Possibly Philadelphia's first-ever Origami Circle!

Open to all skill levels and also beginners! (Basic origami will be taught!)
Supplies are provided!!!
Also: some fun origami games!
Great for all ages!
Come and fold with us!

Higher Grounds has great food and beverages!!! The best coffee! Arrive early and partake!
Easy and free parking on Sundays

Past events (1,534)

Let's Play FRAXURE! (new card game demo and more!)

Higher Grounds