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What we’re about

Raven House Healing Center
A center for Shamanic Studies, Reiki, Medicine Wheel Teachings and healing in Ceremony.


Ancient Solutions for a Modern World.
Dear Relations
I am a spiritual being having a human experience. The more I ponder on this, the more I become connected to the universal energy of all that was and will be. I have come to realize that we are in a mere speck of time. I have come to realize nothing matters. I am connected to the universe from which I evolved in every sense. Not only am I conscience of the universe but also to all its creation. These are my relations. The stone people, green ones, crawlers**,** wingeds, to quasars and black holes. The vibrational energy, the mechanics of the universe, the quantum physics that it all gives off is in my bag of bones. Everything else is an illusion. Humanity may end up destroying itself but our Earth Mother is in a constant rebirth and will heal herself no matter what we do. Question is, how long will we last. The ancients saw this vibrational energy and lived in harmony with creation. They understood this reality and respected it. Westerners today have evolved into a society driven by greed and materialism. We are subject to the do's and don'ts that have been distorted over time by all cultures and religions. We have lost the original instruction and have become a disconnected, dysfunctional society. This is why there is so much addiction, depression, and illness we experience today. We have lost our center. The driving force of life. Our heart light. The god within.
It is our time that we reclaim our heart light and reconnect to our center.
Strong Heart

Medicine Wheel Studies
Learn the teachings of the ancient medicine wheel from Honorary Cowlitz Chief Roy I. Wilson. Each ongoing meeting will focus on a point of the wheel to better understand your human and spiritual self. The medicine wheel is the oldest form of knowledge and Earth based spirituality known on the planet. It has a history and presence all over the globe that goes back forty thousand years and is still practiced and growing in a time of need in today's world. It is interesting to note that you will find all religions, Western and Eastern in these teachings. In these teachings you will find your own way by learning to work with your spirit guides and animal helpers. A daily practice, you will find your balance and life force energy center to help guide you to a more focused way of life..
Our community currently has clans learning the medicine wheel all over Washington State and around the US and Internationally.


This meetup is offered by donation of what you feel in your heart for an energy exchange. We use the funds for rent of the facility, gas, Grandfather Roy's travel, time and those in need.
Story teller and honorary Chief Roy I. Wilson
For more information on Grandfather and the medicine wheel please visit Grandfathers website at
The Path To Direct Revelation
Shamanism is the practice of accessing the spirit worlds through direct revelation in order to do the healing work or doctoring in the community. With the use of plant, spirit, and animal guides, a shaman works with the spirit world and dimensions. These are ancient practices that have been in all cultures of the planet since man started to understand the cosmos and the mechanics of the universe. This wisdom is currently experiencing renewed worldwide interest and shamanic practitioners* are now working globally with the growing needs of a modern world. The western medicine world is coming to realize that to be spiritually out of balance you can cause many illnesses to yourself and those around you.
*please note practitioners are not shamans

Raven House offers treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, depression, and illness. We also offer teachings in Shamanic Journeying, Soul Retrieval, Medicine for the Earth workshops, Ceremony, Drum Circles, Purification Ceremonies, Vision Quest (done with respect and permission), Healing with spiritual light, spiritual counseling, field trips, gong and singing bowl concerts.


Seminars on Quantum Physics, Vibrational Energy and Spirituality
We are committed to doing the healing work that is needed in today's environment with trained teachers to create a global web of life for the next seven generations.
Founder Kyle Ward
Kyle ( Strong Heart ) of Native American decent, took and interest in his ancestry, and cultural heritage at an early age.
Kyle is Metis, Red River French Canadian, Walla Walla, and Cherokee by decent. With ancestors who inhibited the Columbia River for thousands of years as Walla Walla natives. His grandmother, Lizette Walla Walla, seven generations back saw Lewis and Clark come through the area. The French Canadian Metis side were trappers and boats-men with the Hudson Bay Co. at Fort Vancouver ( Columbia District ) and Fort Walla Walla ( Snake District ) on the Pacific NW Coast in the early 1800's. They were some of the first settlers in the Oregon Territories and homesteaded at French Prairie, Champoeg, Oregon.
Kyle is a Shamanic Practitioner, Abuse Counselor, Life Coach, and Teacher who participates in sacred ceremonies, facilitates purification and other ceremonies*.*
Kyle is also a Antique Native American Art Dealer working with investors, collectors, dealers, Tribes and Museums. Owning Plains Pacific Gallery for twenty five years performing appraisals, consulting, acquisitions, placement, and restoration. His specialty is locating sacred objects and returning them to the people and bringing them back to life.
Studies include currently working with direction from indigenous tribal elders from around the globe, The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Micheal Harner, teachers training with Sandra Ingerman, Claude Poncelet, Chief Lelooska, Honorary Chief Roy Wilson, Lakota and Blackfeet Elders.
Raven House Practitioners,
• Kyle Ward / Strong Heart : Spiritual Leader, Shamanic Practitioner, Lodge Pourer, Counselor, Teacher
• Stands Tall : Song Keeper, Counselor, Spiritual Leader, Teacher
• Crystal Lorensen / Touches The Sky: Head Lodge Woman, Ceremonial Assistant, Fire Tender, Stone Keeper, Peer Counselor 
• Kerry Witherbee : Licensed Peer Counselor, fire tender
• Franco Rodriguez: Fire Tender, Song Keeper
• Sweat Lodge Crew: Crystal Lorensen, Kerry Witherbee, Franco Rodriguez, and the Late Great Mark Chase or as we affectionately knew him as Little Bear.


Raven House Sweat Lodge
Raven House Healing Center was founded in 1980 and is located on ten sacred acres near Castle Rock, WA. in the foot hills of Mt St. Helens where ceremonies, classes and workshops are taught, sweat lodge, Vision Quests and other teachings are held. There is a general campground, therapy room and trails.
Everyone is welcome in this community, the only thing that is asked of you is to have respect and leave your politics at the door.

Our vision for the future, we are planning to hold five day residential retreats, including organic meals with kitchen and dining area, showers, sauna, cabins, yurts and tepees.
Special Thanks to the late Chief Lelooska and the late Floyd Red Crow Westerman, Also to Honorary Chief Roy I. Wilson, and a Lakota Elder.
Our friends and mentors.
Below you will find our services as Shamanic Practitioners, Counselors and Reiki Masters.
We would like to be very clear that the below services are for therapy.
At no time does Raven House charge a fee for Native American Ceremony, Purification Ceremony, or any other indigenous ceremony due to respect for our elders, teachers and ancestors. In this area we only work from direction of our elders and the rights and privileges given us in accordance to our teachers instruction and tribal protocol.
For more information please see the pages section and the article "Spirituality and Money "
Raven House
Professional Practitioner Services

  • Substance Abuse Counseling : Raven House works with substance abuse treatment and counsel, for our youth and adults working with several Drug and Alcohol treatment centers and private parties, and individuals. Please inquire for more information.
  • Counseling  $65.00 Hr.
    Shamanic Intuitive Counseling $65.00 Hr.
  • Soul Essence Retrieval /   Three Sessions, Inquire
  • Extraction : Spiritual or physical intrusions.
  • Divination
  • Space Clearings, homes or businesses.
  • Classes: Basic Shamanic Journey, Medicine for the Earth, Spirits of Nature, Shape-shifting I & II, Healing with Spiritual Light, Soul Retrieval, Death & Dying, Teachers one year intensive.
  • Seminars: Quantum Physics, Vibrational Energy and Spirituality

Please check our calendar for upcoming classes, workshops and events.

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Chief Lelooska