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You can Download the latest versions of my Vegetarian Pamphlets from:

"The idea behind the group is to have regular meetings which will cover all aspects of the raw vegan lifestyle, both practical and philosophical.
It will include fun, practical raw vegan food tasting sessions and food preparation demonstrations, which will teach the best techniques for creating healthy, delicious raw dishes (the main emphasis for most of the dishes will be on simplicity and how one can easily incorporate them into daily routines). However, on occasion there will also be slightly more complex dishes.
There will also be discussion sessions about the raw vegan lifestyle; opportunities to talk about and learn more about the health benefits it offers, opportunities to share and discuss concerns/issues/experiences in a respectful, supportive and nurturing environment."


This group is one of the very few Vegan groups, that will tell you the truth about Vegan, and raw Vegan Diets.

Raw Vegan Diets can be very good detox diets for a few months to a few years.

But, Raw Vegan Diets are not healthy long-term diets for everyone.
Especially for babies.

***I Would Never Try To Raise A Baby Or Child As A Vegan***

Some Vegan babies have died.
Others, have been brain damaged.

Almost all adults, cannot maintain their bodies, on Vegan diets.
So, how can a baby or child, build one?

Ill-health, due to Vegan diets, is a major reason why almost all Vegans become Ex-Vegans; and, most current Vegans, cheat.

And, even if the victim-blaming, “you did not do it right”, Vegan Activists were right.
Which, they are not.

If most Vegans could not “do it right” for themselves.

How could most Vegans “do it right” for their growing babies?


If you are concerned about animals, and cannot be a healthy Vegan, then the next best diet is a milk-drinking Vegetarian diet.

It only takes one cow, one year in a dairy, to supply you with a life-time of milk.

To Download PDFs with more information please click on:

For more information on Producing Animal Products Humanely and Sustainably, please Download my PDF:


EASIER and SAVES TIME and MONEY – far less preparation before and far less cleaning and washing up afterwards.
And, far less equipment.

EQUIPMENT - many fruits, nuts and vegetables need no equipment.
Or, a bowl and a nut cracker.

WASHING DISHES – is a lot easier.
With no fat and grease to clean up.
Just wipe clean with a paper towel.
No soap is needed.
And, often no dishes are needed.

CONVENIENCE – for fast foods have raw fruit, vegetables and nuts.
Raw fruit, vegetables and nuts are also ideal foods when travelling, camping or picnicking.
Or, during very hot weather.
Or, when you are busy, tired or just do not feel like cooking.

STORING FOOD – I do not have a refrigerator.
I use air tight jars for tree nuts, peanuts and other seeds.
Fruit can be kept in fly, mouse and rat proof cupboards.
Or, on high shelves.

Root vegetables keep fresh, and alive, if replanted in your garden; or, in large garden plant pots.

THE ENVIRONMENT – far less fuel, packaging and garbage.
And, no need for a refrigerator.

LEFTOVERS – can be fed to birds, other animals or your plants.


Kitchens are safer without boiling water and hot oil.

Many children have been scalded in kitchens.
And, houses have burned down from fires that started in kitchens.


You do not have to pay rip-off prices, of $100s up to $2300 or more, to learn raw food preparation.

From truly top Vegan chefs.

There are excellent websites, with free raw food recipes, photos and videos, on how to prepare everything including raw food Vegan cakes, pastries, pies, ...
Raw Vegan ice-cream, ...
Chocolate, ...
Even raw food fries.

Free Raw Food Recipes

Free Healthy Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes and Videos is very good and free.
Please click on:


The, average Australian animal eater, eats more than 1000 animals in a lifetime.

Yet just 1 dairy cow, can produce enough milk for 5 people, for their 5 lifetimes.

So, if you like animals, and you cannot be a healthy Vegan, you could still become a healthy milk-drinking Vegetarian.
Or, a Lacto-Vegan.

For information and documentation on how to produce Cow’s milk, Sheep’s wool, and Hen’s eggs, humanely and sustainably, please download my PDF from:


Organic Food is fertilised with:

1: blood and bone from abattoirs;
2: chicken dung from factory farms;
3: cattle manure from feedlots;
4: dairy waste;
5: macerated, ground up alive, male chicks;
6: sprayed with fish emulsion.

By eating organic food, you abuse and exploit more animals, than if you ate beef, drank milk and ate eggs combined.

By buying organic food you finance every form of exploitation of animals in agriculture.

The farmers who came to Australia, and as any Greenie will tell you, trashed Australia's environment, were organic farmers.

Genuine Vegans, really do care about animals, and the environment, and so do not eat organic food.


I am doing this for free and not as a business.

Information, that I provide you with, is my personal opinion, based on my personal experience.

Which includes having been a Vegetarian for more than 50 years, including 18 years as a Vegan, and having managed my own health for more than 50 years.

And, is not to be taken as professional advice.

People seeking professional advice should do so from appropriately qualified professional people.

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