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What we’re about

Open Systematic Options Trading Strategies, including quantitative, model-based, and informal approaches, with a strong emphasis on open collaboration.

We are researching the best available potential Options speakers and traders nationwide, and inviting them to talk with our group either remotely or locally.

The topics will be applicable to stock, index, ETF, futures, and OTC options, regardless of platform including LiveVol, OptionVue, ThinkOrSwim, Optionetics, TradeStation, Interactive Brokers, OptionNet Explorer and others.

Among the strategies we will cover will be Iron Condors, Butterflies, Time Spreads, and others.

We will also include back-testing and analysis of options strategies using R, Java, .Net, C#, C, Python, AmiBroker, TradeStation and other platforms.

The level of this group is intermediate to advanced.  

Anyone is welcome to join, and we will try to answer questions at all levels during meetings, and have occasional introductory talks.  However, we will not cater primarily to new traders.  New traders can attend and raise their level over time, but should not expect that we focus on the basics, simply because doing so would preclude covering realistic strategies comprehensively.

Initially, this group will operate in combined meetings with the Raleigh-Durham Trading and Investing Stock/Future/Option/FX group, which has 759 members (certainly not all active).  See that group for a discussion forum.  The RSVP count will be combined. 

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