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What we’re about

Tired of joining book clubs only to end up reading stacks of books that aren't your style?? Think outside the box and join us for something different! We've been together and successful for 6 years! New members are joining all the time. It is really a great group!

Each month, we read and discuss a genre, not a book. You find a book, poem, essay, play, blog, etc. in that genre that you want to read, then share it with the group. Yes, everyone reads something different, but we discuss how our readings each fit the genre and members get to hear about other things that they might want to read in the future.

Possible genres: Sci Fi, Travel, Biography, Short Stories, Mystery, Fiction before 1900...the possibilities are endless! This type of book club isn't for everyone, so if you're ready to try something out of the ordinary, join the group and give it a try!

Most gatherings will be in the Maryland/Montgomery County area and will be meeting on Sunday afternoons.