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~ Reagan's Regiments Tea Party ~

During his farewell speech on January 11, 1989,

Ronald Reagan addressed his volunteers as

" Reagan's Regiments ..."


URGENT GRASSROOTS HELP NEEDED for California Senior Citizens and

Disabled - SEE BELOW -


SEE ! www . caads .org

" Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home."

Let the Tea Party begin in earnest here in California, 2011- 2012 !

A group for :

- Senior Citizens,

- Veterans,

- Disabled,

- Their relatives,

- Friends,

- Supporters in the community,

- California,

- Nationwide ...

Let us grow and unite with vigilance, virtue, and diligence ...

Reagans Regiments Senior Citizens / Disabled folks Tea Party

See - Ronald Reagan's Jan. 11, 1989 farewell address on
YouTube. He said, " Reagan's Regiments must now become Bush Brigades."

We are - Reagans Regiments Senior Citizens / Disabled folks Tea Party

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Click to join - https://www.meetup.com/reagansregimentssenioranddisabledteaparty

Learn about the wrongful Senior Citizen and Disabled Care cuts proposed by

Gov. Jerry Brown and his Democrat legislature , See what can you do about

it at the link here - Click - http://www.californiaseniordisabledcareadvocacy.blogspot.com/

Dear friends and family of Senior Citizens, Disabled, and U.S. Veterans - We are here for you and your loved ones as a galvanizing support. We must stand up and voice or the resulting conequensces will be that the resources which we as citizens have built will not be there for our Senior Citizens, the Disabled, our U.S. Veterans nor for us when we need those resources for which we are standing for.

Citizens MUST educated their fellow citizens !

Citizens MUST be educated and be made aware of this fact :

Our vote and resources are being eroded by an ever increasing corrossive, unprincipled, irresponsible, and dishonest elected body in the California Governorship and State legislature ( Assembly and Senate ) .

The citizen voter MUST be aware of the cost of this fact to them personally and to their families regardless of whether they are a Senior Citizen, disabled, a veteran or have a family member who is. One should keep in mind : We will be a Senior Citizen, Veteran, or may be Disabled one day, or may one day become be a friend or family member of one who is.

The fact is, Grandma, Grandpa, elderly Mom, Dad, and disabled should take priority over the non - citizen undocumented ! California spends over $ 10 billion a year to illegal aliens without elected California person doing their responsibilties to the citizen and reigning in and doing what needs to be done about the illegal alien situation in California and across the country. One could go on and on with the facts. Medi - Cal funds that should go to citizens are being doled out to various and millions of illegal aliens such as illegal alien mothers having ' Anchor ' - ' Jackpot babies ', taking adavantage of the twisted liberal court's false interpretation of the 14 th amendment of automatic birthright. The new Republican Congress has recently ( FEb. 2011 ) intriduced a bill to repeal ' Automatic Birthright ' from the 14 th amendment because they know it is wrong, unacceptable, and unsustainable. No other nation on earthother than the U.S. has ' Automatic birthright ' citizenship.

SEE : http://www.rtt14than.blogspot.com

A vast number of the American electorate are not aware of the twisted false interpretation of the 14 th amendment., and they must become aware of it. On Democrat citizen friend of mine was shocked and could not believe it when I told him about it. I personally was not aware of it until 1992, and had been active in campaigns since 1988. I was in stunned disbelief when I first leaned of it, dicouraged and felt a sense of hopeless ness for our country. the feeling was indescribable.Why ? Because it is abject wrong.

To Senior Citizens, the Disabled, and U.S. Veterans : We are here for YOU ! Join the grassroots effort here at Reagans Regiments Senior Citizens / Disabled folks Tea Party
( RRSC/DTP ) ...

To all - If or if you are not a Senior Citizen, Disabled, or a Veteran, please join

us if you care about their issues. If you are a relative or a friend of a Senior Citizen,

Disabled, or a Veteran join because you are needed as an advocate and supporter.

You want to make a difference - Join us if you are Spouse, daughter, son, brother, sister or a friend of a Senior Citizen, Disabled, or a Veteran.

The new Governor of California and his Democrat majority legislature have their priorities way out of order, and it shows just by the type of budget cutting they are proposing. Hopefully and prayerfully those good people lobbying at the Capitol during the last month and ongoing for the benefit of Senior Citizens and the disabled will be enough to persuade these legislaors to do what is right and not cut Medic- Cal health care to the Senior Citizens and disbled. Otherwise, the people will work to persuade the vote them ot, exoriating shame on them to the public for the lack of sound thinking and lack of sound character engendering them to not do that which they should do, a self will which has so epitomized the immoral California politician who never gets it right ! Californians deserve better ansd we must make it known to out neighbors, loved ones , and friends !

It will take YOU the people to defend the helpless. They need you now - Those who president Lincoln spoke about for which the government ought to do , and that is that the government should do only that which the people cannot do for themselves. We as Americans, in all States of the Union, need to make sure that disabled and Senior citizens are taken care of - those who gave so much to build through years of dedicated work, even civic service to sustain our country; fighting in wars around the globe giving life limb, and loved ones in sacrifce fighting for our freedom in WW 2.

The Democrat legislature has been a majority for some time now, and for years have spent much of the $25 billion of California debt on those who should NOT be gettingg it. Now they are proposing to cut Senior citizens and disabled citizen's crucial care. This is not right, and this is what motivated me to create this Meetup : For those Senior citizens, disabled, veterans along with their freinds and family to organize and make a difference to change this travesty around and make it right !

Our short and long term goals :

1) To Continually and diligently, year round' , help protect / help Senior citizens and the disabled from elderly/ disabled care budget cuts proposals by Gov. Jerry Brown and his Democrat legislature. Some of these proposals will be voted on by a sub -committee between Feb. - March 1, 2011 .

2) To grow and galvanize with the Tea Party in California for Senior Citizens / Disabled folks, and Tea Party as a whole.

David K., Organizer 2/14/11

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