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React & Accessibility, State Machines, Updating Legacy Code, & React Native
5:45 - 6:25 - Registration, Food & Drinks (thanks, Nerdwallet!) 6:30 - 6:35 - Welcome 6:35 - 7:30 - Talks 7:30 - 7:45 - Break 7:45 - 8:45 - Talks 8:45 - 9:30 - Social hour Talk 1 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Taras Mankovski - Declarative state machines: State reducers on steroids State reducers patterns is a popular approach to building components in React. State machines make applications easy to reason about. Combine them together to unlock super powers you didn't know you had. About Taras Taras is a software engineer and co-creator of Microstates. When he's not helping clients solve difficult challenges, he's mentoring developers in React and JavaScript. Talk 2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tanvi Patel - How to introduce modern code to the legacy jungle Legacy code is code written by others and usually is no longer supported but continually patched. Do you find yourself lost in the legacy jungle? This talk will provide helpful suggestions on how to deal with the tangled web of legacy code created over time. It will address approaches to effectively plan for refactoring to comply legacy code with a modern framework, leaning on a case study from Yelp on React migration. About Tanvi Tanvi currently works as Software Engineer at Yelp, San Francisco as part of core web team. She originally hails from India where she worked in product oriented software company as well as in media company. Having worked in small as well as large scaled based companies and research lab, she has great exposure in working with engineers from around the world on web front. Talk 3 ------------------------------------------------------------ David Sturley - Web Accessibility and React In this talk, we'll cover common pitfalls and problems with web accessibility and React, and how an accessible, shared component library can help to mitigate these problems. About David David Sturley is a Software Engineer at NerdWallet. Before joining NerdWallet, he worked at Deque Systems, a company who specializes in web accessibility and was the lead developer for AXE, the engine behind the Lighthouse accessibility audit. Talk 4 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reuben Abraham - Building Complex Apps with React Native NerdWallet started its mobile journey about two years ago with a 100% React Native app and a relatively constrained feature set. As our product needs have expanded over time, we made the conscious decision to stay all-in with React Native while simultaneously investing in key pieces of native-side architecture. This approach has allowed us to develop complex, high-quality mobile experiences against a fast-paced product roadmap – taking full advantage of the power of React Native without compromising expectations of what a cutting-edge mobile app should be. About Reuben Reuben is a software engineer on the mobile team at NerdWallet. He's passionate about building software with high-quality user experiences, so that people love using it everyday because it genuinely improves some part of their lives. Check out his blog post on improving React app performance: Code of Conduct ------------------------ By attending this meetup, you agree to adhere to and abide by our code of conduct. You can read it at Photography & Videography Disclaimer ------------------------------------------------------ This meetup will be recorded with photography and videography. By attending this event, you consent that your image and likeness may appear on video and in photographs to be posted on the web. If you do not want the chance of your photo or video being taken, you can enjoy the talks from the comfort of your home following the event.


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