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What we’re about

This group was formed to assist real estate investors and industry professionals share and learn trade secrets, build a good network of professionals (i.e. agents, money lenders, contractors, title co. etc..), and to have fun doing it. You have access to a wealth of knowledge, so ask any Questions and I'm sure that you will get a Great answer.

This is not just an On-Line Group. We have an outstanding message board, which right now is available to all persons who are part of our on-line community. The real value is to comes in attending any of our various meetings that we sponsor or co-sponsor with other group. Networking is one key component of each meeting, and by itself is worth the price of attending. Our classes and seminars are top-notch and hands-on practical knowledge. Out presenters bring real world resources and solutions. We are committed to providing information, not "selling from the pulpit".

Paid membership is just $50 per year for two people for one group, and $100 per year for two people for 3 groups...paid members get FREE access to most events, and reduced fee access for specialized events. To learn more, contact Bryan Young at 314-496-3867 or