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What we’re about

Real Estate investing can offer you and your family time and financial freedom, and provides a proven vehicle for designing and creating the lifestyle of your dreams. You can involve and teach your family the concepts of low-risk investing and sound business principles, and allows you to ultimately create and leave a legacy for your family through real estate investing because it is a time-tested and predictable vehicle for creating wealth. 

Our mission here at Women Real Estate Buyers/Sellers/Investors  is to help you create your ideal lifestyle through real estate investing, with the focus on providing ongoing education, networking opportunities, and actual investing opportunities catered towards women only. 

We are open to all women that want to join including: New and veteran investors, busy professionals, business owners / entrepreneurs, flippers, landlords, and both active and passive real estate investors.  We are here to connect you with the right people and the resources you’ll need to take your life and finances to the next level. 

Our primary objective is to help you increase your passive cash flow and net worth, so each meeting will share insider tips and techniques in all areas of real estate investing, including: 

=> The best and most proven strategies for finding good deals

=> Analyzing properties just like a pro

=> Little-known, but highly profitable creative/seller financing techniques 

=> Utilizing the amazing power of lease options to buy and/or sell properties

=> Wholesaling techniques to generate lump sums of cash

=> How to identify the best markets for investing long-term. 

=> Single family home rentals - and how to analyze a property to know if it will really cash flow

=> The art of raising private money

=> Alternative forms of creating passive cash flow in real estate - like Private Mortgage Lending and Note Investing

=> How to retire in 5 years or less

=> Much, much more!