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What we’re about

Are you looking for a network of individuals to network and grow with? There are so many activities and services that we provide within our community, including... - Every Thursday we meet for an informational meeting at our office in Downer's Grove - On the 1st Saturday of every month we have a workshop from 9a to 5p ct that discusses pointers for starting a business and completing the daily tasks for running a successful real estate investing business. - On the 3rd Saturday of each month we have a workshop from 9a to 5p that covers various topics of real estate investing. Such as Fix and Flips, Multi-Family rentals, Commercial Real Estate, Tax Liens/Deeds, Short Sales, Foreclosures, Tax and Legal Strategies, and the list goes on! In becoming a part of our networking community your friends and family list just grew! We love working together, learning together, doing deals together, and having fun together!

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