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Meet other Real Madrid Fans in NYC!

We are recognized by Real Madrid as an official Real Madrid supporter's club. See our profile on the official Real Madrid website HERE (http://www.realmadrid.com/cs/Satellite/en/1193041503872/1193041141931/penia/Penia/Pena_Madridista_New_York_City.htm).

Real Madrid NYC is a not for profit club, our only mission is to share our passion for Real Madrid and building a large New York network of fans and friends.

If you want to become an Official Peña Member (OPM) for the 2018-2019 Season, or want to find out about the benefits of becoming an official member, please go to MEMBERSHIP EVENT for this Season.

If you have any questions about membership, please contact Daniel Cunza on the left!

Please check our individual event info to see where we will meet.

You can access this webpage using www.realmadridnyc.com. Also, you can now find our Facebook page HERE (http://www.facebook.com/realmadridnyc).

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Official Peña Membership Sign-Up, 2018-2019 Season (NOT an event)

Playwright Irish Pub 35th

Welcome all NYC-Madridistas! This is the sign-up announcement for the Peña Madridista NYC (PMNYC) Official Membership for the 2018/19 season. We're again coming off another amazing season, which included lifting our 13th UEFA Champions League Cup (fourth in five years!); and as a lot of you have seen, esp. those of you that were there for the UCL Final back in May, the NYC-Madridista family at our headquarters, The Playwright Irish Pub, has continued to grow. This season's OPM fee will be $35. All Membership materials will be again handled by our partners at Upper90 - New York’s Soccer Store. Please read all the IMPORTANT information below all the way through, as there will be MAJOR CHANGES in the sign-up process from previous years, mainly: **** NEED TO JOIN VIA MEMBERPLANET SITE **** https://www.memberplanet.com/Groups/GroupJoinLoginNew.aspx?ISPUB=true&invitee=d1mc40888q6ju ****************************************************** * First of all, you will need to join and enter your info into the PMNYC Memberplanet group page via the link above. * Second, you will then proceed to enter your payment info and Peña materials preference - this info will be forwarded to our Upper90 partners. Your Membership will include the following items (shirt to be shipped to you directly, or available for pick-up at Playwright Irish Pub during any Real Madrid game): • Exclusive Official Peña Training Shirt! * Note: Shirts are being printed, shipments will start on 24-Sep. • Membership Card (valid through June 1, 2019). • 10% discount at our Playwright headquarters when showing your Membership Card, inc. outside of Real Madrid events. • Preferential access to our bar during premium games (i.e. Clásicos, Derbis, Finals) plus one guest. Our home bar will get completely full during these games, thus we will give preference to our OPMs. • Entry into a RAFFLE for two (2) tickets, inc. expenses, to a game (TBD) during the second half of the season at the Bernabéu! • Exclusive 20% discounts at Upper90 on Real Madrid gear and on Peña merchandise - you will receive a discount code via e-mail after signing up. • The possibility of joining Peña-organized trips to see our team at the Bernabéu or during US summer tours. These events are not guaranteed to happen and will greatly depend on the availability of trusted organizers to take on these highly time-consuming tasks. • And just like last season, we will be ATTENDANCE RECOGNITION AWARDS! * Note: You are responsible for finding one of the organizers and getting your Membership card scanned - look for either Cathy or Tifanny at Playwright during any official Real Madrid game. ********************************************************************************* Please note that just like previous seasons, to allow us to manage and welcome our new members, and to more fairly accommodate our past members and their guests during big games, we will temporarily halt new Memberships the week before such games (i.e. Clásicos, Derbis, Finals); that is, you and your guest(s) will not be allowed into Playwright's upper level (and very possibly the lower level) unless you are signed up as an Official Peña Member (OPM) by at least the week before each of these big events. HOW WE COMMUNICATE WITH OFFICIAL MEMBERS: We will use the Memberplanet e-mailing features as the ONLY way to communicate with our Official Members in matters concerning their membership and other important announcements. If you do not want to miss out on any important announcement/events, please keep your Memberplanet e-mail settings up to date and check regularly. For example: often times, especially around US summer tours, we hear from Real Madrid within 12~48 hours of a certain event, and then we pass it on to our OPMs as soon as it becomes available to us. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask Elena Ponce, Cathy Lojo or Dani Cunza, or check the FAQ page: http://www.meetup.com/realmadridnyc/pages/1557853/Membership_FAQ/ Disclaimer 1: We are a social group that bases our success in people being active within the club (i.e joining us for a fair number of meetings). We always welcome and try to integrate new members during their first visits. If you do not participate regularly in our meetings, all we can offer you is our Membership merchandise and VIP access to big games in our bar in a great atmosphere. Disclaimer 2: On the subject of organized trips and access to training sessions/private meetings and players signatures during the US summer tours. Those are VERY extraordinary events that are not likely to happen on a yearly basis. In most cases, space will be limited by Real Madrid (in the past to 20~30 people) and among the petitioners, preference will be given to Official Members that have actively participated in our events contributing to the success of our group. These events will be handled on a case-by-case basis and Official Membership ONLY gives you the POSSIBILITY to participate in those events, given the limited numbers allowed by Real Madrid and the high number of petitioners we receive for these events. We will generally use a tiered lottery method (giving more weight to members that have attended a higher number of events) to decide which member-petitioners will attend these events. In recent times, a lot of new members have signed up to this group for the sole purpose of being closer to get players signatures or pictures with them. If you join this group because you want to meet other Madridistas in the NYC area, then WE are the group for you; but if you are joining this group solely because you want to meet the players, then we are probably not the group for you, as you will have a statistically small chance of meeting them by joining this group with only that goal in mind. Disclaimer 3: If you do not pick up your Membership materials by the end of the natural season (June 1, 2019), we and our partners will no longer hold them for you.

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