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I created this group to offer my own work, as well as other healers who I know well, for the benefit of all. This is a place to come and co-create our futures together. During Summer Solstice 2020 I was shown that my purpose is to assist others in their Rebirth and Awakening process.
About Gayatri:
Gayatri combines all of her experience into a unique offering as a Teacher and Healer. During 2020 she was shown that her purpose is to assist others in their Rebirth and Awakening process.
Her main disciplines include: Theta & Sound Healing, Bhakti Yoga, Channelling Spirit Guides, Cacao Rose & Chilli Ceremonies, working with Crystals, and her 20 year’s of Tai Chi training into her service.

Vision: Sounding Humanity Into Unity

Mission Statement: Co-creating pathways to enable people to access Wellbeing & Enlightenment. Through Sound, Theta & Intuitive Healing Techniques, Cacao Medicine, & Mediumship

The founder of "Gayatri's Grace" and "Conscious Co-Creations" and Rebirth and Awaken
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Together with our fellow light workers we have created this Meetup Group to share our gifts with the world.
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Magick Apprenticeship Programme - with Gayatri



Join Gayatri on a Magickal Adventure.

Learn the basic skills to become a magician. Find out and put into practice all the things you need in order to create a Magickal life for yourself.

"A magician is one who is always on the edge of knowing"
Peter Aziz

Choose a way of living where self knowledge and seeking the revelations of the Universe are your primary drivers. Spirituality informing all of your choices for the highest and best for yourself and your loved ones.

Month 1 - Nov
Grounding techniques for the 5G era
Reclaiming all your power back, being in your sovereignty and authority
Meeting your Higher Self
Maturing your Ego

Month 2 - Dec
Forgiveness process
Understanding your shadow
How to heal through shadow work and your higher self

Month 3 - Jan
Dis-create your past
Destroy your Dark Law/s and patterns that do not serve you

We have to dis-create the past in order to create the future, you don’t try to fix the past.

"This means not seeking revenge or vindication. It is liberating to forgive yourself, and let go of what has happened before.

The past is gone, it’s not real, you can’t fix it. The only place the past exists is in the memory.

The future is what everything is about. Many people will tell you to be in the present but actually it doesn’t work. If there's no future then there's no experience.

Quantum physics has shown that every experience is a double quantum wave between here and the future, if something doesn't have a future then you can't experience it, the past doesn't even come into it. We tend to hold on to our past which stops us focusing on our relationship
with the future. Or we try to build a future that will fix our past in some way, somehow justify it or vindicate it. It doesn’t work, it’s an illusion, it only exists in the mind so get rid of it.

Forgive the past and work on creating the future. You create the future and the future creates you, you send out the thought, the creation and that quantum wave comes back to change you. You need to receive the future, feel what it’s like to have it, this is how expectation grows...

Cause is in the future, not the past. Work on your relationship with the future."

Peter Aziz

Month 4 - Feb
Meet and destroy your personal Nemesis
Release all limitations on your life

Month 5 - March
Create your magickal life

Month 6 - April
Healing and ongoing practices

Month 7 - May
Festival Trip in May - LoveJam Campout

Open to 9 people

Pen and Journal
Bring packed lunch with you

Herbal tea and water

Lindsey Robertson[masked]
Ref: Saturday

Note locations may change - as sometimes we might meet at other places and outside.

Love Gayatri

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Bi-Monthly Chanting Evening with Gayatri



A combination of Sanskrit Chants, Rainbow songs, Shamanic Chants and Voicework.

Mantras are timeless Sanskrit words, repeated in Chanting as a Meditation.

The vibrational Quality of the Mantra Sound Currents attune the Mind and Body to the Soul's Frequency, leaving one feeling refreshed, clean and purified.

The sacred Words form the Power of the Mantra, which when chanted (either personally or communally, but especially in a Group) aid in the spiritual Progress of oneself and in others, and Chanting also effects Healing in the physical and energetic Bodies

DAY: Monday (every other week)

TIME: Doors open at 7pm. Group session 7:15- 9pm

PRICE: £17

£17 Cash on the night (please text to confirm availability)

VENUE: Flat 19 Bath House, Bath Terrace, London, SE1 6PU

Bath House is the middle entrance - just buzz number 19

5 minutes walk from Elephant & Castle / Borough tube stations

Please contact me before hand if you have not paid as places are limited
Phone or text:[masked]


* At the beginning and the end we have a guided meditation.

* After the opening mediation we go round the circle and everyone is given an opportunity to dedicate the chant and set a personal intention. Then we send these prayers off with a rolling AUM.

* After each chant we sit in silence for a few minutes to allow time for the chant to integrate.

* We finish with a closing mediation


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This was a delightful evening! Lindsey creates a beautiful, warm, and safe space to relax, connect, and express yourself. I highly recommend attending her classes
Julia Hamon

Gayatri’s sound and voicework are amazing gifts to this universe and I’ve been lucky to experience them on number of occasions. I was completely new to chanting but her approach is very relaxed and easygoing. I grew up believing I’m terrible at singing but as Gayatri says – “It’s not singing, it’s chanting…!” so just go along with it and enjoy the experience.
Martin Nikolayev

I feel very balanced and ready for the full moon. Calming, relaxing environment and the group energy was fantastic. Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice Gayatri! See you next week :)
Mohini Murti

"God knows from now on what chanting will bring into my life or where will take me to, but for sure what I know is that the sound of the human voice and drums is something that really uplifts and connects me with my deepest and broadest self. It's a kind of a working paradox that happens to me during chanting: I feel a kind of moving stillness, that's very realigning and unifying.
Thanks Gayatri Lindsey Jane Robertson!
Light, Love, Peace"
Sever Sava 13/11/17

Bi-Monthly Healing Sound Bath with Gayatri



Be bathed in healing sounds which will take you into a relaxed state, this promotes your natural body healing mechanism.

I play a range of instruments, gongs, singing bowls, drums, rattles, tuning forks, flute, as well as using my voice to take you on a sound journey.

Price: £23
Cash on the Door: £27 - please text[masked] to confirm availability

Time: 6:45 - 8:15pm

Venue: Flat 19 Bath House, Bath Terrace, London, SE1 6PU

This is very special learning and Sound Bath experience as it is limited to 5 spaces 3 floor places and 2 sofa spots, so you get instruments played up close.




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"Thank you Gayatri for the sound bath yesterday it was just what I needed. Today I feel the most grounded and relaxed I have felt since I had my bike accident and it feels really nice like I have come back into my body thanks to you 🙏

If you are looking for a sound healer I would highly recommend Gayatri. She plays a lot of different instruments really well, I can actually feel their vibration in my body and I always find Gayatri’s sound baths very grounding, healing, relaxing and magical. She really takes me to another place and I always leave feeling wonderful.

10 out of 10! 🙏⭐️😍💖" - Amaya 12/1/2019

"This was an experience like no other, whether you seek personal direction, discovery or just need to relax, I highly recommend immersing yourself in one of Gayatri's powerful sound baths." - Curtis 23/11/2017

"I came tonight extremely stressed for various reasons. However, this soon dissolved into oblivion and I remained floating, held in peace and awe of the sound bathing the room. We went so far that coming back to our bodies was extremely difficult. However, we were gently guided again and I felt rebalanced and optimistic again. We need more sound masters like you in this world!!!" - Alex 9/11/2017

"I treated myself to a sound bath with Gayatri and felt relaxed and rejuvenated! The sound bath was beautiful with so many different sounds and instruments. Gayatri plays intuitively so that each sound bath is different, depending on the day and also who is there.
I hold a lot of tension in my neck and shoulders and I noticed that after the sound bath, all of the tension had left. I felt like I was standing up straighter and that my neck and shoulders were relaxed. I slept very well that night and still felt loose and relaxed the next day. I felt like I had really let go of a lot of tension and things that I had been holding onto. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it!" - Stephanie MacKay 20/10/17

"Gayatri, thank you for the wonderful sound healing journey. Today the vibrations were bathing me in an ocean of bliss and awareness." - Adriano 29/9/17

Bi Monthly Spiritual Development Circle - Healing & Practical Guidance

This circle is primarily for people who have no or little experience with working with Spirit. However everyone welcome regardless of what experience they have.

We cover:

* How to open and close safely
* Blessing space and ourselves
* Healing - individuals, groups and world prayers

Additionally we often cover:
*Channelling spirit
* Working with crystals and oracle cards

£17 per session (limited to 9 people)

Doors open 6:45pm for a 7pm start

Please pre-pay to ensure your space

Any questions please get in touch,

Love Gayatri

Please note, when attending classes in person:

Please arrive before start time, doors open 15 minutes before so everyone can arrive get sorted so we can start on time.

If you’re running late please call or text (as I don’t have time to check other message services)

On the day I ask that you do not drink alcohol, take drugs, use plant medicines which are psychedelic in nature. As this can disrupts the energy of the group.

If you have a problem with another member of the circle to flag it as soon as possible so it can be resolved.

You are responsible for your words and actions, so please be respectful of one another and yourself.

Any questions always ask.

Thank you 🙏🏼

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